Fashion // Tuxedo-style dress + mod shoes for work

Hi all and happy Friday! I’m back today with a cool look I wore to work, featuring a collared swing dress that looks a little like a tuxedo, with black tights and these amazing, pointed toe black heels with a t-strap. I love how this look is a little mod and definitely a little edgy. I usually don’t wear a lot of black, but I love how cool this looks. Hope you like!

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New look // Vintage style dress + shoes for daytime

Hello all and happy new year! Hope your Eves and Days were wonderful, and you’re settling into a brand new year full of resolutions, determination, and hope. I had a great holiday season and now I’m looking forward to new beginnings! I put together this outfit with a party in mind, but this is also a look I would wear for work. I like the vintage style touches of this outfit, and thought I would show how to wear vintage style pieces for daytime, for any occasion. Hope you like this look!

vintage style

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Fashion // I can hear sirens

Today’s outfit is another work-appropriate one featuring some brand-new styles from Statement Boutique. First, these daisy-printed cotton pants I’m obsessed with, and then this chiffon vest I love! I paired it with a pair of blush sandals from Jeffrey Campbell.

Both these pieces are courtesy of the online boutique Statement Boutique. The owner, Nina, decided to open a digital store to provide unique pieces of clothing that were appropriate in both professional settings and casual ones, which I think this outfit perfectly mixes.

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Fashion // Backfire

I feel like I’ve been talking about work a lot this year, from dealing with my commute to figuring out how to look cute and professional at the same time. But I haven’t ever shared an example of what kind of outfits I usually put together, so here’s one!

I love this dress because it’s lightweight and the length is perfect, but it’s still very much my style, and it’s also endlessly customizable. I’ll wear this a couple times a month and change out my belt, shoes, or cardigan, and it looks different every time. It’s also soft and breathable, so it’s great for the whole year, from dark winter months to warm spring.

I think it’s really important to have versatile, work-horse pieces in your closet that you can fall back on when picking out yet another outfit for work becomes a major hassle! This dress is that for me. Paired with a burgundy shrug, a ribbon belt, and these old Anthropologie shoes I’ve had for years (they’re called “Bronte” boots!). Hope you like!

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Wish List // Work-appropriate (and me-appropriate) fashion & style

I’ve never been a pencil skirt kind of girl, and when I was younger and very idealistic, the idea of a 9-5 office job bored me to the nth degree, and part of that perception had to do with the clothes. I imagined every day as an endless block of black blazers and white blouses, and since the real me loves floral prints, skater skirts, rainbow-colored hair, and patterned tights, “office fashion” seemed unbearably terrible to me.

Nowadays, my opinion of office fashion has changed, especially once I realized that as an office worker in a creative field, I didn’t have to dress like an investment banker or trial lawyer. However, it’s still very challenging to put together daily outfits that reflect my love for bright colors and loud patterns. And while a couple days a week, I put no effort into my clothes and just throw on slacks and a blouse, I still love to infuse my personality into the clothes I wear to work. Clothes have long been one of my primary modes of expression, and it’s an addiction that doesn’t fade easily!

Here are some must-have pieces I’ve put together for some work-style inspiration:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.16.36 PM
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