Fashion // If you stay, I’ll stay

TOO COLD today for outdoor photos, so I had to stay inside and take a few quick photos before I headed out into the subzero temps. Winter this year has been a little moody, guys. Can’t make up its mind. This outfit is made up of stuff I forgot I had. I always try to be frugal and stay away from shopping for as long as I can hold out, so the most fun thing for me is to turn my drawers inside out and find new and exciting ways to wear things that are old and feel boring to me.

I love this faded orange skirt with this blush pink skirt—perfect for a lighweight (very cold) winter outfit! Love these romantic bell sleeves, with a little lace for good measure. Hope you like.

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Fashion // All the words that you said

I’m really into monochrome outfits right now, that incorporate different shades of the same color. This one is a little dark green/forest green/brownish outfit that of course I had to ruin with a long lace vest. I’ve got two of these skirts from Boohoo—I’ve worn the other before—and I think this one will become a staple throughout winter.

2 3 10 8 6 9 12

top thrifted, skirt from, necklace gifted


Fashion // Old Money

Happy Tuesday! I started a new job this week so I’m still adjusting to the schedule change. Here’s an outfit I put together with some old and new pieces. My favorite part of this outfit is my necklace: it’s actually a pound coin I brought back from London and stuck in a coin bezel. I spent New Year’s in London, and since I’m not really one for souvenir shopping, I decided to make this little memento of my trip!

Pretty scarf from The Scarf Shop, and the whole outfit is sort of styled around its colors. Hope you like! 6_the_most_happy_blog
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Fashion // Time was running wild

Leather + lace is always a fun, edgy, girly combo. This was a pretty basic black and white outfit before I threw on this cool turban/headband piece I bought at Topshop for New Year’s Eve! Luckily, this outfit also coincided with a bad hair day, so the turban was a perfect accessory. 🙂 I like accessories that are pretty and functional, plus they also keep your ears warm!

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Fashion // One sweet dream

It’s officially winter, even though it’s still reaching into the 60s around here. And winter means fur and hats and all the softest accessories in the world. White/off-white is probably my favorite color to wear. I gravitate toward anything white/feminine/soft, and I love how girly and cool this outfit is.

It was inspired by this slouchy beret I received, and I decided to style an outfit around it from pieces I received as Christmas presents. I love the hat—it’s from Scala Pronto and it’s perfect for basically everything I wear, plus it has metallic thread woven through it, so it’s just a little glitzy. It’s also lined on the inside, and so very warm. Hope you like! 7
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Fashion | Asymmetry

Ever put together an outfit you really like but then get nervous about actually wearing it? I really loved this skirt but it’s kind of hard to wear with my proportions. The asymmetrical hem is long on one side and the front is super short, so to balance the hem I knotted the skirt on one side and added a kimono to make this outfit a little more flowy. Then of course I added knee socks, because of course. I do like the finished effect.

This skirt. Well, this skirt is from Easy Pickins, a very affordable place to shop here in the Yonkers/Bronx area. The pickins are usually easy, providing you wade through the stocked clearance racks and really search for gems. This skirt is one of those gems. I initially bought it to wear with my Jordan Baker/flapper costume for Halloween, and have had to think of new ways to incorporate it into a normal wardrobe.

IMG_0783 IMG_0785 IMG_0787 IMG_0804 IMG_0843 IMG_0845 IMG_0831

skirt from Easy Pickins, kimono and boots from Forever 21, necklace from H&M

Love That Shift Dress | BooHoo Style

Lately, my dress preferences have shifted toward…shifts! I love flowy, swingy dresses with no silhouette, and when I got onto, I discovered my new online-shopping obsession. This website, which I discovered from other blogs, has such a plethora of beautiful shift dresses of all colors and styles. I picked only seven of my favorites and I’m hoping a few of them sell out before I have the chance to buy them all. Check ’em out:

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.57.15 PM

My favorite is probably that baby pink/nude shift on the bottom left. Completely obsessed. I’m trying to figure out how to wear these for winter…probably with some patterned, sheer tights and chunky heels, and maybe a long cardigan to top it all off.

Which is your favorite and how would you style it?

Fashion | Winter Song

Winter white and my usual pop of color. I’m reverting back to a romantic style in my outfits that almost disappeared in the last year, but it’s always interesting to see how style changes over time, and especially when it changes back.


kimono from Marshalls, necklace c/o Mondaynoon, boots from DSW