Travel Tales // Highlights from San Diego & Thoughts About Traveling Solo

Hey all! Today I thought I’d share some photos from my recent trip to San Diego and what it was like to explore a new city by myself. This was only my second time in California (I’ve been to San Francisco previously) and my first time exploring a city all by myself. When I visited London in college I used to take day trips to certain sights by myself, but this is the first time I went on a mini, solo vacation! I was in San Diego for three days for a work conference, and after hours, I had a whole list of things I wanted to do and see. Luckily, I managed to do most of them, and I’ll always love this gorgeous city. Here are some highlights:

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Spring in the City // New York Botanical Garden

Hi all! My obsession with flowers and spring continues, this time at the New York Botanical Garden. I went to Fordham University, which is literally across the street from the NYBG, so I knew it well. I visited the New York Botanical Garden this spring to enjoy a nice walk and some gorgeous pink trees (I’m obsessed). Here are some rambly photos:

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Travel Tales // Austin, Texas Tips & Tricks

Hi all! I just got back from a four-day trip to Austin, Texas, and I thought I’d share some highlights and travel tips with you all (y’all?) here! It was my first time in Texas, and I’ve heard that Austin is a lot different from the rest of Texas—a little younger, a little more artsy, more like up north than down south. I really enjoyed my time and here’s what I’ve learned about what to do and how to get around, just in case you’re planning your own trip there soon!

There’s no Uber—they have “Fasten” and “Fare” for ride sharing

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