7 Travel tips for a holiday in London

London is my favorite city (that I’ve visited). Aside from New York, which is home, London has my heart. I spent this past New Year’s Eve there, the second time I’d visited since studying abroad in college, and I didn’t want to leave. I decided to share some travel tips in case you’re also planning a visit to the city!

Frequent your local pubs. //


Wherever you’re staying will have probably a dozen good local pubs within walking distance. Get to know them, as they will each probably have a great history, story, and special brews on tap. Seat yourself anywhere, and order both food and drinks at the bar. Pro tip: always drench your chips in vinegar. It’s the only way.

When pub food gets old, check out the diverse multinational cuisine in London, especially Brick Lane if you love curry (I do)!
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San Francisco Style | Here's what my packing list looks like

A new city and a new vacation means some new clothes. I’ve read that San Francisco isn’t hot in the summer; rather, the weather fluctuates and it’s important to wear layers! I love that, especially since dresses and cardigans are my favorite combination. But I also love these pretty pretty rompers and these romantic dresses.


1, 2, and 4 from Forever 21, 3, 5, and 6 from NewDress.com. Links on my Polyvore.

Can’t wait!