Beauty Review: Urban Decay Shadow

Today I’d like to take a minute to extol my newfound love for Urban Decay. Everyone I know asked for the Naked palettes for Christmas this year and I didn’t, because my MAC shadows are just fine, thank you very much. But then my trusted “Naked Lunch” ran out and I had to do something about it (the name of the shadow may have contributed to my love for the shade). My sister has the Naked 2 palette and ever since I used the shade “YDK,” I fell in love and never looked back.

Since I knew I wouldn’t use the whole palette, and since I like having a daily makeup routine of just one or two shadow shades, I opted to buy two new shadows: YDK and Virgin. They’re amazing. Here’s why.

Photo Mar 10, 5 14 17 PM

The label promises “insane color payout” and they’re spot-on. The color is exactly what it looks like in the pot, and it is so vibrant and vivid on the skin. I shy away from shimmer shadows but the YDK is between a matte and a shimmer, just glimmery enough to look pretty, but not so much that it looks like I’ve pasted rhinestones on my eyelids. It’s smooth and adheres so well.

Photo Mar 10, 5 08 16 PMPhoto Mar 10, 5 09 19 PM

It leaves just a little fallout though, whereas my MAC shadows never did. I’m willing to put up with it for the sake of the deep, vibrant color, but it can get frustrating when your whole face is ruined after applying. I’ve learned to keep a little cotton ball and coconut oil handy to deal with it. I’m a survivor.

Photo Mar 10, 5 56 38 PM

I love the subtle sheen it leaves on my eyes. This is YDK and MAC’s “Folie” on the crease.

Photo Mar 08, 2 10 39 PMPhoto Mar 10, 5 14 11 PM

My eye makeup arsenal! I cannot do without the Sephora cream liner. Only $10 and it lasts almost a year, and that’s from someone who does a thick winged line almost every day.

Conclusion: Urban Decay is worth the price. I’ll probably buy more shades when these run out, and have much more makeup fun. Stay tuned.