Fashion // Sun or Summer Days

Truly, the last days of the summer are drifting away. Where I live, it’s been getting chillier and chillier at night, so fall must be around the corner. Three days left of summer! How can I make the most of this?!

This outfit is pretty nautical, but I tried to transition these light, airy summer pieces with a few touches of fall: my jacket, boots and leaf necklace. It was perfect for a nighttime casual outfit. I’ll miss my two-pieces and my shorts, but I love trying new combos and transitioning a late summer wardrobe for early fall.

Title inspired by Lana Del Rey’s “Music To Watch Boys To.” Her new album came out today. ~~~~ 🙂IMG_4373 IMG_4396 IMG_4421 IMG_4405IMG_4444 IMG_4447

two piece set c/o New Dress, boots from Chicwish, necklace from Aldo

“Nothing gold can stay
Like love or lemonade
Or sun or summer days
It’s all a game to me anyway”


Some Summer Highlights

Last. Day. Of August. [Got that summertime sadness… 😉 ]

This month I’ve been lax with my posting because life has been busy, in a lot of good ways. In August I think we all try to squeeze in as much summer as we possibly can before it’s all over, and this month was no different for me.

August was such a short month: I started a new job writing lifestyle and editing for a site called Popcrunch, and I took all the time I could to spend time with friends, go to the beach, eat a LOT of ice cream, enjoy these summer nights, and do new things.

There’s this hiking trail in Peekskill, NY that my friends and I did this month, and it was basically climbing up the side of a mountain that opened up into this amazing view. Here are some pictures of the view from the top of the mountain:

File Aug 30, 9 41 57 PMPhoto Aug 27, 7 27 33 PM Photo Aug 27, 7 30 30 PM

And then a few days ago my sister and I went to the New York Renaissance Faire like we do every year! I absolutely adore the Ren Faire and happily indulge my dorkiness and my love for old-fashioned dresses.


Highlight: when I accidentally hit a bull’s eye during archery! I had an amazing Katniss moment and my sister caught it on camera.

IMG_0258 IMG_0260 IMG_0261IMG_0263

That is the face of someone who will never hit a bull’s eye again in her life.

With a trip to San Francisco, a new job, and a lot of time spent with friends, this summer has been all I wanted it to be. How has your summer been? Have you done anything cool/fun/exciting?

Ren Faire outfit: dress from Forever 21, headpiece from the NY Renaissance Faire


Fashion | Summer Wine

This is probably one of the last actual summer outfits I’ll do this year. August is almost over. 🙁

Instead of shopping at the end of the season I tried to do some restyling with old pieces. These shorts are from Forever 21 but they never fit me before this year, and the top was cut from a dress that didn’t fit! This outfit happened because I pulled random things out of my closet and found that they worked — surprisingly.

1 IMG_4059 IMG_4057 IMG_4055 2

top DIY, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, shorts from Forever 21 (old)signoff

Fashion | Mountains up ahead

Fancy flapper dress. 🙂 This dress comes to you from, and the best part of this beautiful number is that I actually got it free of charge because of their cool coins program. This website lets you earn coins every day (up to six dollars worth of coins a day) and then redeem your coins for these designer pieces on the 24th of each month. I shopped at on July 24th after acquiring like 180 coins and I was able to redeem them for this dress! has some really amazing designers. My favorites are Missha for shoes (love their plastic heel), Joomi Lim jewelry, and Greylin dresses (of which this dress is one). You get 4 ifchic coins a day just for visiting the site, they’ve got a great selection, and shipping was ridiculously fast. The products are definitely more expensive than what I’m used to buying, but for this type and quality of dress, not to mention this interesting rewards program, is definitely worth a look.

The feathers on this dress are obviously my fave part.

3 4 IMG_3916 IMG_3990 IMG_3910 IMG_3959 IMG_3996

If you want to participate in the next ifchic event, it’s on August 24th, which is plenty of time to start collecting those coins!

dress c/o Ifchic.comsignoff

Fashion || We’re on our way

Title inspiration from Lana Del Rey’s unreleased song “On Our Way,” an oft-repeated track on my iTunes. Love it, love it.

Here are some clothes I wore recently:

IMG_3749 IMG_3767 IMG_3777 IMG_3774 IMG_3758 IMG_3783 IMG_3771 IMG_3792 IMG_3772

Love this high-low top from Forever 21! It’s simple with a trendy touch. Paired with my I-wear-these-with-everything Jeffrey Campbells!

top from Forever 21, necklace from Weezie D. boutique, shoes from Jeffrey Campbell ( and elephant purse from Alice + Oliviasignoff

Fashion | The merry flowers of June

Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea;
Over snow by winter sown,
And through the merry flowers of June,
Over grass and over stone,
And under mountains in the moon.

It’s July, but hey, this beautiful song is in Lord of the Rings and I’m wearing a top with the LotR map printed on it! Gotta love that dork life. I bought this very inexpensive top from a Store Envy shop called Hearts & Minds, and I absolutely love it. I knew I had to style an elfish outfit around it and so I paired it with this chiffon skirt I bought at Piperlime over three years ago. I love how much this dreamy outfit flows.

1 4 9 3 5 8 6

kimono from Marshalls, skirt from Piperlime (old), top from Hearts & Minds.

Fashion | Let us be happy

Obsessed with this dress. I love the diagonal lines and how slimming it is, love the little slit on the side, love the neckline. Don’t you just love finding a dress that’s both so comfortable and so flattering? Makes me feel like a million bucks, hey.

IMG_2596 IMG_2614 IMG_2704 IMG_2703 IMG_2662 IMG_2714 IMG_2654 IMG_2711

dress c/o, necklaces from Forever 21

Then the little mermaid sighed, and looked sorrowfully at her fish’s tail. “Let us be happy,” said the old lady, “and dart and spring about during the three hundred years that we have to live, which is really quite long enough; after that we can rest ourselves all the better.”


San Francisco Style | Here's what my packing list looks like

A new city and a new vacation means some new clothes. I’ve read that San Francisco isn’t hot in the summer; rather, the weather fluctuates and it’s important to wear layers! I love that, especially since dresses and cardigans are my favorite combination. But I also love these pretty pretty rompers and these romantic dresses.


1, 2, and 4 from Forever 21, 3, 5, and 6 from Links on my Polyvore.

Can’t wait!


Fashion // Blue Hydrangeas

Happy September! Soon the days will shorten and it will snow and then Christmas will be here…I love autumn. Here are some photos from the end of August when I took a walk around my ivy-covered backyard. I’m going to miss summer.


shoes from Nasty Gal (Jeffrey Campbell), necklace Betsey Johnson, dress from Charade