Styled by Trendage, a Review — Plus Some Thoughts About Sponsored Blogging

Hi there, today I have a sponsored review of a new app, Styled by Trendage, that claims to recreate the iconic Clueless closet. We all know the one, and we all wanted it when we were kids: software that lets you try on endless combinations of clothing in your closet without ever having to actually change your clothes. Now, I hope that software comes along sooner rather than later (I mean, come on, it’s 2017 and we don’t have this exact thing yet? Seems wrong!) but my experience with the Styled app is that Cher’s closet it is not.

cher app styled review

See, I was given the opportunity to try this out in exchange for a small payment, and when I first started playing with it, I was in shock at how negatively I felt about the whole experience, but I have to be 100% honest with how I feel. One of the things I think is most important about this whole blogging thing is transparency. Just because something was a gift, and there are certain expectations built into the gifting process, doesn’t mean I sacrifice honesty. This is one of those rare times I truly dislike a free product or service.Read More »