A poem by Sappho

Sappho is one of my favorite poets, and every time I open my book of her poems, I’m always entranced by the ethereal, dreamlike nature of her work. Of course, Sappho’s work only exists in teeny fragments, but even though the verses are cut off at their knees, it’s still possible to understand the beauty and passion behind her work. Her voice is so raw, honest, and evocative. Her poems also remind me of spring, with images of nightingales, sunlight, the moon and stars, flowers and grass.

sappho1Here’s one of my absolute favorite poem fragments:

As Long As There Is Breath

You might wish
a little
to be carried off

you also know


and would say
I shall love     as long as there is breath in me
and care
I say I have been a strong lover

and know this

no matter
I shall love

from Sweetbitter Love: Poems of Sappho translated by Willis Barnstone


Fashion | Lead Me Home To Love

The first day of truly spring weather here in New York was the first week of April, when the thermostat hit 65 glorious degrees and I whipped out my light colors and left my jacket at home. This is an almost entirely Forever 21 outfit; I love these leggings so much I bought them in black and khaki and I’m contemplating stocking up. I can never have too many soft, comfortable and stylish black leggings.

My style for spring is all light colors and boho. I’m not a music festival-goer but I like to dress like one. 🙂 White, flowy sleeves, lace and loose silhouettes are all on the agenda. I love how romantic this top is.






jodhpur leggings and top from Forever 21, necklace c/o Rocksbox (get one month free using the code LISABFF433)


Quarter Year Resolutions

Photo Mar 24, 2 33 48 PM

I tend to get antsy if things go unaccomplished. I write daily lists of things to do and set goals for myself, especially when it comes to writing and career goals. I’m a freelance writer, so my life centers around working from home and constant self-motivation to get things done. 2015 has been a productive year so far, but as the first three months dwindle away, I’ve found myself getting panicked at how fast the time is going. There’s still so much to do. Thus: quarter year resolutions.

Quarter year resolutions are things I’ve resolved to do to slowly inch my way toward my goals and make 2015 the year I want it to be. Like New Year’s Resolutions, they mark a new start for me. I’ve always loved the new year, how much it truly does feel like a new start, a blank page, with endless opportunities. But I’ve never made the typical resolutions like “exercise more” and “wake up earlier” because I won’t do either of those things! Instead, my resolutions are always about improving my happiness and trying to slowly reach my dreams. This year, that was getting published in more websites and taking more risks, as well as expanding the reach of this blog and finding time to write, every day. I’ve done okay, but my biggest weakness is getting complacent. I think, “well okay, I’ve done enough” and then fail to really push myself. That’s where quarter-year resolutions come in, which means I’m also thoroughly neurotic. 🙂

I think we all tend to get a little too comfortable and complacent and return back to bad habits or forget what truly makes us happy. Time moves so fast; it seriously feels like January just happened and now we’re in April. I know that soon enough it’ll be September and then December, and maybe it’s just me, but I hate having my life flash right before my eyes and not do anything to make it extraordinary. So here are my quarter year resolutions:

1. Travel somewhere new. I get this really intense wanderlust where I just want to escape and explore. So like last year when I went to Alaska and Maine, I want to go somewhere new this year, explore it, and make it mine. Places you’ve visited leave marks on your heart. I’d like to go on more spontaneous weekend day trips as well, ones that let you explore things you’ve never noticed in the towns and cities right around the corner.

3. Go out more. I’m a total couch potato type. The nature of my job means long hours in front of a computer at home, which gives me zero motivation to leave it at night. I live a half hour away from NYC, and hardly ever make it out there. I want to change that and take more advantage of living in the backyard of the world’s best city.

4. Watch much less TV. Instead of haunting movie channels and catching up on dozens of episodes of Beat Bobby Flay (my new Food Network obsession), I’m going to write. Which brings me to my next resolution…

5. Write every day. Self-explanatory.

6. Be more thankful. Like, ya know. Not be so moody and stressed out all the time. 🙂

So is it just my own neuroses or is this actually a good idea? Let me know if you’re going to make your own quarter year resolutions!signoff

Fashion | Divine Discontent

Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of divine discontent and longing.” – Kenneth Brahame

Ever read The Wind in the Willows? This ~fashion~ post has nothing to do with the book, except that it’s soon to be spring. 😉 I felt the vibes here, even though there’s so, so much snow in the background. Ah well. It’s pretty.

IMG_0905 IMG_0906 IMG_0869 IMG_0911 IMG_0900 IMG_0860 IMG_0907

boots and kimono from Forever 21, snake lariat necklace from Nordstrom (Kendall & Kylie) dress from Boohoo.com

Reads & Recs | Spring Fever

SPRING WHERE ART THOU? As I write this, it is 21 degrees out, the last day of real winter weather. Yesterday was the last snowstorm of the season (I’m guessing) and tomorrow begins warmer weather which will continue (at least) into next week. I’m always sad when winter ends because so does my solitary confinement/hibernation. I love spending endless hours with hot chocolate and a book, but spring also reminds me that there is, in fact, a world beyond my couch. -___- Here’s what I’ll be perusing this season:


Gillian Flynn: I recently bought the Gillian Flynn collection and am excited to read her other novels, since I loved Gone Girl so much. Apparently, her other works are more twisted and dark than Gone Girl, so I’m pretty excited. Has anyone read these and would like to share their thoughts? (And read my review of Gone Girl here.)

Star Wars: I’ve been obsessed with Star Wars since I was a little kid, and aside from a few chapters of Revenge of the Sith (which was not the best experience), I’ve actually never read the novel versions of the original trilogy. I’m ridiculously excited to read it. Star Wars has a huge part of my heart.

What are you reading this spring?

Fashion | Perseverance

It’s been a long winter and even though I’m sad to see it go, spring is right around the corner. Strangely, spring is when I transition away from pastels and into jewel tones. I just feel like everything is a riot of color and I tend to mirror that in my dress.

6 b 8 2 9 4Photo Feb 27, 2 47 07 PM
dress from Boohoo, tights and cardigan from H&M

Fashion // Paris is a Moveable Feast

I bought this bag last month from a little boutique in Bronxville called Weezie D. It’s got what I think is Paris painted on it, and in blush pink, it goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe. I wore this outfit to the BookCon. I think it’s bookish without being silly. Plus, you gotta love those polka dots, man.

IMG_5914 IMG_5949 IMG_5958 IMG_5981 IMG_5964 IMG_5961

polka dot blazer from Sammy Dress, Oxfords from Marshall’s, skirt from H&M, necklace from Forever 21

Fashion: Hope Doth Lead

Happy Monday! It has been a beautiful spring so far, alternating between 70 degrees and sunny, to 60s and rainy, which is to say, the perfect kind of spring. I always sort of dread when the heat builds up and burns everything away. Here are photos from a couple weeks ago when I went to my cousin’s baby shower.

1e 2ee 4e 9e 6e8e

skirt from Yesstyle, shoes from DSW (Nine West “Blonsky”), kimono from Forever 21, crop top from Garage

Remember me when you do pray

That hope doth lead from day to day.

– Anne Boleyn

Fashion: Ecstatic Motion

Fun with kimonos. Why are these things called kimonos anyway, when they really don’t bear any resemblance to actual kimonos? Anyway, this floral one from Forever 21 is possibly my most-worn new item this season. I’ve found ways to incorporate it into half my outfits since January. Here’s an outfit I wore out with some friends a few weeks ago. I had fun spinning 🙂

1d 2d 3d 5d 6d 44d

boots from Chicwish, kimono from Forever 21, crop top from Garage

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. – Rumi

Fashion: Counting the Cats

I bought this skirt from a shop in Camden Market, London and decided to wear it with my new chain boots from Chicwish! I love them; they’re so comfortable and versatile. I love booties for spring. 1c 2c 3c 4c 5c 6v

top from Garage, boots from Chicwish, skirt from Camden Market

“One day I was counting the cats and I absent-mindedly counted myself.” – Bobbie Ann Mason