Staying Cool in Summer with Spindrift庐 Sparkling Water

Something you may not know about me: I have this thing about seltzer. There’s something so much more refreshing about sparkling water than non-sparkling water, and since I have the opposite of a sweet tooth (no soda for me!), seltzer is one of my favorite things鈥攍ike, ever. 馃槈 It’s delicious and refreshing and I love those bubbles. Today I’m giving a new product a try: Spindrift Sparkling Water.

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I’m Wearing Less Makeup This Summer, After Starting AcneFree

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During summer, the last thing I want to do is go out in the hot sun with a full face of makeup. While I’m definitely one of those girls who likes to wear eyeliner at the beach (and literally everywhere I go), wearing foundation outside is a miserable experience: since I’m oily, my makeup slides off my face and I look shiny and gross. So this summer I’m going to try going without makeup for more days during the week, especially on vacation. And luckily, I just started using AcneFree.

san diego what to do-3

Specifically, I’ve started using the AcneFree Sensitive Skin 24 Hour Acne Clearing System, a 3-step system meant to treat acne-prone skin. I’ve also begun using the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Complexion Perfecting Cream. Using these in tandem has resulted in smoother skin, fewer breakouts and red spots, and oil control, so I can skip the foundation and go natural on days where wearing makeup would be a total drag.Read More 禄

I tried Square Cash and this is what I think…

This month I did a lot of traveling, first with my cousin to San Francisco, and then upstate with my friends. It required a lot of planning and complicated payments, and instead of keeping track of who paid for what, it probably would have been a lot easier with an app like Square Cash.

Square Cash is sort of like PayPal, but the app is really easy to navigate and it’s basically a no-brainer to send payments to friends and receive them. I got the opportunity to try the app (which is free!) and I really liked it. I also got my sisters both to try the app and we had fun sending money between each other. With sisters, we’re constantly paying for each other and then never paying each other back. So yeah, this app is pretty cool. Now, when my sister owes me for something or other, I can just send her a payment request (and hope she still doesn’t stiff me!).

Check it out:IMG_3849

It’s聽really easy to navigate鈥攂asically one page from which you can send either money or a payment request. From another page you track your history, and the last page you can check all your banking and account info. Pie.

I think it’s better than PayPal for one reason: you don’t have to transfer your balance to your bank account after you receive the money; like direct deposit, it goes right to your checking. I use PayPal for聽everything, work included, and I hate those 3-5 business days that my PayPal balance takes to go into my checking account. I wish PayPal had a direct-deposit feature like Square Cash. It is that much easier to use.

I see myself using this app more often in the future because it makes life a teeny bit more convenient and organized!

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So let’s talk about student loans…

Reality-check topic today: the issue of student loans. You probably have them, need them, or have heard horror stories of people still paying them off in their forties and fifties. We live in a backward world in which it’s nearly impossible to sustain yourself with a job if you don’t have at least a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s is only the new high school diploma; most high-paying jobs now require a master’s or higher, and that’s several thousand more dollars on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars an undergraduate education costs.

Did you know?聽80% of college students say they don鈥檛 have a plan to pay off student loan debt after graduation

College is getting more and more expensive every year, and the cost of living is going up right with it. What’s the solution?

One option is, of course, getting a student聽loan. It’s preferable (to some) to working throughout college or relying on maintaining a scholarship. But with the ever-rising cost of education, taking out a student loan is becoming necessary for most students, even with a scholarship and a job. Student loans are messy, confusing and long, drawn-out processes that can smother you in debt the second you graduate.

Enter: College Ave Student Loans. They’re聽an online marketplace lender that specializes in student loans, and so they tailor their service to young people who are aware of the cost of education and are mindful of their finances. College Ave makes student loans easier to apply for, manage, and pay back. College Ave can help you find a plan that works best for you and your plans for your own future, so you don’t have to be held back by your financial situation.

Did you know?聽50% of students say that the cost of college impacted their choice of college/university to attend

College Ave offers competitive rates, the most repayment options, and friendly customer service throughout the exhaustive repayment process. But now, they also offer this mobile-friendly application which can give you a聽credit decision in less than three minutes. You can manage your account at all times and pay quickly and easily, on the go. Before even applying for the loan, you can calculate rates using the Student Loan Rate Calculator, get money-saving tips, and basically learn the ins and outs of paying for your loan in the least time possible, saving you money in the long run. You can check out these tools on their site, and it’s actually really cool and easy to use.

For example, you can even start paying the loan off when you’re still in school. That saves a huge chunk. College Ave can potentially cover 100% of your school expenses. Knowing you can save and pay back responsibly will be a huge weight lifted from your post-graduate shoulders. 馃槈


Now through June 30, you can post your college goals on Instagram with the hashtag “#collegegoals” for a chance to win a $5,000 or a $2,500 scholarship, or a $50 credit to (for those absurdly expensive textbooks). Repost this picture and tag聽@chegg, and聽@collegeaveloans聽and don’t forget to follow them too!

Check out this link for more information on this contest.

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Staying Connected // Lumsing Power Bank Review

Working from home obviously requires a lot of power and constant connectivity. That鈥檚 why I was so happy when Lumsing approached me to review a product for them. I chose a mobile power bank, which allows me to keep my devices charged and working while I am.I chose the Lumsing庐 10400mAh Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank in champagne gold.

Working from my desk at home gets tiring, so like a lot of other writers/those who work from home, I frequent Starbuckses, cafes, Barnes & Nobles, to get my work done. I love my little Lumsing power bank because I can keep my iPhone, Kindle, and sometimes my mom鈥檚 iPad fully charged and working perfectly.

IMG_8276The Lumsing packaging was very careful and cute! I loved the sturdiness and quality of the unit itself, and the fact that it came with a little drawstring carrying case was an extra bonus. The unit came almost fully charged, but I plugged it into my laptop to give it a boost before I started using it, just to make sure. The four blue dots told me the unit was fully charged and ready to use.

IMG_8279 IMG_8415 IMG_8421

I plugged my nearly dead iPhone into the power bank and it charged as fast as you would expect if the phone were plugged into a wall unit: about an hour or so. After the full charge, the power bank hadn鈥檛 lost any of its charge, so that鈥檚 awesome. I brought it with me for a long writing sesh at Starbucks and it was really helpful, not taking up any USB ports on my laptop and allowing me to work freely and stay connected.


I think a power bank is a great thing to have for any office, but especially for anyone who wants to remain mobile. It is another thing to carry, but instead of plugging into a wall outlet at work and taking up space, or sapping power out of your laptop, now I can use the power bank to charge all my devices and make my work a lot easier. The bank provides like five or six聽full iPhone charges and it鈥檚 just another line of defense in the business of trying to stay connected!

I also took it outside while I worked and kept my iPhone charged. I think this power bank can actually replace my wall charger. It’s certainly a lot more convenient.

So, thanks Lumsing for the power bank. It鈥檚 so cute, and I really love it!

You can get yours at this link for about $20 now, which is an insane deal.

Power Bank c/o Lumsing