Book Rec // ‘The Man in the High Castle’ by Philip K. Dick

Hi all! Another book review here today, and this one may be one you’ve heard of before, thanks to the adapted Amazon original series of the same name: The Man in the High Castle. I admit that I learned about this book through the show (although I have only watched the first episode) and ever since I heard about it, wanting to read it has haunted me. And now that I’ve read it, the memory of the book is still haunting me—in a great way.


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Book Lust: Christmas wish list!

Books are my favorite presents. Here’s what’s on my list this year:


The Rook by Daniel O’Malley is about a woman named Myfanwy Thomas, who wakes up in a London park, her memory gone, surrounded by dead bodies. She discovers she is something called a rook—a secret agent that protects the world from the supernatural forces. NEED.

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick is one of his most well-known and best-loved novels, about what would have happened if the United States had lost World War II. The entire country is now occupied by either Nazi German or Imperial Japanese forces. You may also recognize this story from the show that was adapted from the book, or from the show’s highly questionable marketing campaign that involved wrapping the shuttle train in New York with Nazi propaganda symbols. That was probably not the smartest move. But the book sounds amazing.

Finally, The King is Dead is by one of my favorite historians, Suzannah Lipscomb. In this book, she explores, explains, and analyzes the last will and testament of Henry VIII. As you may know, I love studying Tudor history, so this book is a must-have!

What’s on your wishlist this holiday season? And a very happy Hanukkah to anyone celebrating this week!