New beginnings & my new year’s resolutions

Oh my! It’s been a crazy year already for me and it’s hardly been two weeks. I’ve been posting a little less than I have in the past because there have been some exciting new events in my life that have kept me busy in a very good way. I thought I’d reflect on them here, and think about my goals for the upcoming year.


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Quarter Year Resolutions

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I tend to get antsy if things go unaccomplished. I write daily lists of things to do and set goals for myself, especially when it comes to writing and career goals. I’m a freelance writer, so my life centers around working from home and constant self-motivation to get things done. 2015 has been a productive year so far, but as the first three months dwindle away, I’ve found myself getting panicked at how fast the time is going. There’s still so much to do. Thus: quarter year resolutions.

Quarter year resolutions are things I’ve resolved to do to slowly inch my way toward my goals and make 2015 the year I want it to be. Like New Year’s Resolutions, they mark a new start for me. I’ve always loved the new year, how much it truly does feel like a new start, a blank page, with endless opportunities. But I’ve never made the typical resolutions like “exercise more” and “wake up earlier” because I won’t do either of those things! Instead, my resolutions are always about improving my happiness and trying to slowly reach my dreams. This year, that was getting published in more websites and taking more risks, as well as expanding the reach of this blog and finding time to write, every day. I’ve done okay, but my biggest weakness is getting complacent. I think, “well okay, I’ve done enough” and then fail to really push myself. That’s where quarter-year resolutions come in, which means I’m also thoroughly neurotic. 🙂

I think we all tend to get a little too comfortable and complacent and return back to bad habits or forget what truly makes us happy. Time moves so fast; it seriously feels like January just happened and now we’re in April. I know that soon enough it’ll be September and then December, and maybe it’s just me, but I hate having my life flash right before my eyes and not do anything to make it extraordinary. So here are my quarter year resolutions:

1. Travel somewhere new. I get this really intense wanderlust where I just want to escape and explore. So like last year when I went to Alaska and Maine, I want to go somewhere new this year, explore it, and make it mine. Places you’ve visited leave marks on your heart. I’d like to go on more spontaneous weekend day trips as well, ones that let you explore things you’ve never noticed in the towns and cities right around the corner.

3. Go out more. I’m a total couch potato type. The nature of my job means long hours in front of a computer at home, which gives me zero motivation to leave it at night. I live a half hour away from NYC, and hardly ever make it out there. I want to change that and take more advantage of living in the backyard of the world’s best city.

4. Watch much less TV. Instead of haunting movie channels and catching up on dozens of episodes of Beat Bobby Flay (my new Food Network obsession), I’m going to write. Which brings me to my next resolution…

5. Write every day. Self-explanatory.

6. Be more thankful. Like, ya know. Not be so moody and stressed out all the time. 🙂

So is it just my own neuroses or is this actually a good idea? Let me know if you’re going to make your own quarter year resolutions!signoff