Fashion | All that light follows the cracks

Pleats + lace. I’m still on this neutral trend, but I couldn’t help bringing in a soft color into this outfit. I love the swish of this skirt and the wide pleats. On my feet are my fave spring/summer shoes from Nasty Gal, bought last year. They’re great for day and night and as a bonus point, they’re also really walkable, providing I don’t lace them too tight. I wear them almost every day in the summer.

All of my tops I’ve worn in the past few weeks are slightly tinted blue. Hair problems 馃檪
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skirt from, shoes from Nasty Gal, top from Forever 21, cardigan from Marshalls


Fashion // Idol of Roses

I love long, drapey things and anything white/cream/beige. I am loving soft colors lately. It has since gotten colder here in New York and impossibly rainy, but on the day I took these it was a perfect sunny, early autumn day. This climbing ivy is legit. And I will keep wearing these Nasty Gal boots while the weather鈥攁nd my pedicure鈥攈olds out!

I wore this to an early birthday celebration at Havana Cafe in the Bronx. It was hot hot hot out and we sat out on the patio during brunch and just soaked up the sun and sipped cocktails. That was a perfect pre-birthday celebration for me.

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boots from Nasty Gal, skirt from Forever 21, sweater kimono from Marshalls (One Clothing), leaf necklace from Aldo

Fashion // All the stars come out

I’m gravitating so much more toward long, flowy pieces lately, and strangely, to my least favorite color, blue. It is kind of soothing. I also love having things trail behind me, like I’ve got wings. I wore this oversize shirt over my favorite Forever 21 romper and the shoes I cannot pry from my feet: these boots from Nasty Gal. Autumn is approaching, but I still love dressing for this hot weather we’re getting in New York! But I can’t wait for browns and oranges, for cozy sweaters and stockings.


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Kimono from Charade, romper from Forever 21, boots from Nasty Gal (Shoe Cult), leaf necklace from Aldo

Fashion // To Love and Win

Red and lace are my two favorite things. I love this dreamy, romantic outfit, complete with my favorite Paris purse and my new wear-with-everything booties. You’ll be seeing a lot of them on this site in the future!聽IMG_7553 IMG_7568 IMG_7539IMG_7577 IMG_7541IMG_7597


shoes from Nasty Gal, top and skirt from Forever 21, bag from Weezie D.

To love and win is the best thing.
To love and lose, the next best.

鈥揥illiam Makepeace Thackeray

Fashion // Setting Sail & Yoyomelody Dress!

I just got this dress from a new sponsor聽 and I instantly fell in love with it when I opened the package. The fabric is really good quality, and the little anchors are stitched rather than printed on it, which I love. It fits me perfectly, and I can tell this dress will become one of my favorite, go-to dresses for both cool and hot weather. I definitely recommend Yoyomelody’s dresses and tops. I also received a casual tee with a cat face on it that I can’t wait to wear!

I wanted to wear this dress when I was in Portland, but it didn’t come in time. Oh, well! I wore the dress with my favorite new shoes from Nasty Gal, which I got for 50% off 馃檪

IMG_7482 IMG_7492 IMG_7504 IMG_7519 IMG_7513 IMG_7517

dress c/o Yoyomelody, hat from Forever 21, boots from Nasty Gal

Road Trip Style

After much deliberation, I am happy to announce that my friends and I will be聽going to Portland, Maine in July. This was a far cry from my initial thought of going South, but after researching Maine, I’m so excited for lobster rolls, pre-Civil War museums, lighthouses, and lots of beach. I’m lucky to be going on vacation with friends with diverse tastes because if it were up to me, I’d just eat lobster, read books, and prowl museums all day, but we’re planning hikes, tours, kayaking, arcades, long days at the beach, and many, many lobster rolls. I can’t wait!

Here are some items on my road trip shopping list:

road trip style

I’ve been coveting these Shoe Cult booties for a while now, and lucky for me, they’re on sale! It was fate. I am gravitating toward light colors and floaty dresses and tops, florals and stripes and nautical-themed wear! I also still want to find a good high-waisted bikini. Anyone have any suggestions? I think Modcloth is a good place to start, but they always seem to be just out of my price range, sigh.

boots from Nasty Gal, flats, fedora, striped shorts, white top from Forever 21, salmon skirt from Chicwish, anchor dress from Yoyomelody, links on my Polyvore page!

Reads & Recs: History, Funny History, and a Girl Boss

FUNNY HISTORY: Now, it’s no secret I love Anne Boleyn (see here and here) and that Tudor history is a hobby and a passion for me (not unusual, really). Recently I followed a hysterical Twitter account posing as Henry VIII, @KngHnryVIII, and every day found myself laughing out loud at his outrageous tweets about bacon, cake, and defecating on the map of Spain. When I saw he was promoting an e-book on Amazon, I didn’t hesitate to spend a whopping $2.50 on it, and it was so, so worth the money. I would have paid $10 for this thing, and that’s saying a lot for someone who lives on $3 paperbacks from thrift stores.

71JSwrDSOuL._SL1000_The book is called Monarch of Your Bedchamber and the subtitle is, “Henry VIII’s Long Awaited & Extremely Helpful Guide to Relationships: Sex, Wooing, Marriage, Mistresses, Divorce, Beheading, A Bit More Sex & Full Metal Codpieces.” Full metal codpieces are over-represented in this book but I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, this spoof book isn’t just funny, it’s brilliant. It manages to be irreverent about history and accurate (mostly accurate, at least) at the same time. Narrated by King Henry himself, this book provides advice for the modern reader and a tell-all about his life鈥攁nd his afterlife. I can’t help but include some choice excerpts that made me snort whatever drink I happened to be sipping at the time:

King Henry ruminating, on his deathbed, about dissolving the monasteries:

“I signed my will, entrusted my soul to Jared-Leto Jesus, and uttered my final words, which have been reported as ‘Monks, Monks, Monks…’ Which is only partially correct as I was actually working on a song that went ‘Monks, Monks, Monks, I tooks your junks, junks, junks away in trunks, trunks, trunks.'” (loc. 1105)

On the death of Catherine Parr’s husband, Lord Latimer:

“Her husband, Lord Latimer, was, however, doing the kingdom the huge favor of dying just then, albeit at a pace that I found slow to the point of being unpatriotic.” (loc. 1051)

And then there are examples of “Tudor erotic poetry:”

“You are my boiled swan,/My cheese,/My eel pie,/My succulent roast beef,/You鈥攕weet lady鈥攁re/my bacon/With boobs.” (loc. 1200)

He also takes The Tudors to task for being inaccurate, which I thought was hysterical considering this “King Henry” admits to being in love with a time-travelling robot and is able to use Twitter from the beyond.

I also strongly suggest you follow his Twitter account for haikus about bacon and sex.

9781445607825ACTUAL HISTORY: So that’s what I read last week. This week, I am reading Sarah Morris and Natalie Grueninger’s In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn, a book which tracks Anne’s important locations, such as the place she was married, her birthplace, and the castle where she grew up. It also makes an effort to locate and describe her possessions, like the set of virginals she played currently on display at the V&A, the psalter she owned, and her Bibles translated to English and French. It’s lovely for someone like me, someone who has read about Anne for a long, long time. Get it here!

The author, Natalie Grueninger, runs an excellent blog called On The Tudor Trail. Definitely check it out!


9780399169274A GIRL BOSS: On my TBR list this month is #GIRLBOSS, the memoir/advice book by the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. I’ve heard great things about this book and I’m trying to get my hands on it soon. I’ve read that it isn’t condescending or cheesy like self-help books tend to be. As a fan of Nasty Gal and鈥攜ou know鈥攁 girl, I’m really excited to read it! Get your copy here.

So what is on your To Be Read piles/lists this month? Let me know in the comments. And Happy Memorial Day Weekend for those in the US!



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Florals and D'Orsays for 2014

Here are some of my favorite spring trends.

Thigh High Socks

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.49.18 PM

Thigh-high socks have been a thing ever since Cher Horowitz, and they’re back in a big way this spring. Since I wore knee socks all throughout high school, I tend to like textured or colored ones that don’t give me horrible Catholic-school flashbacks. I love how they make any outfit just a little more special. These are from Nasty Gal.

D’orsay flats

You d’orsay! I love bad jokes, and I love d’orsay flats–even though flats hurt my feet. These are a couple I really love:

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.57.45 PM

My favorites are the floral Jeffrey Campbells.

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Floral prints

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.02.15 PM

I love floral prints so much I wish I could paper every surface with it. Whenever spring comes around I whip out all my floral stuff and go nuts. Stay tuned.

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Curved Heels

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 12.32.33 PM

I want these shoes so badly. They’re so pretty, I want to cry. I covet them even more knowing I could never make these, unless I take an actual shoemaking class (which, believe me, I have not even remotely ruled out). I would love to get my hands on some less expensive curved-heel boots and design something!


 Check out more pretty things on my Polyvore page.

fashion: witchy

Rainy days mean indoor photos and flash; perish the thought!IMG_2626IMG_2627 IMG_2634

Love these boots so much! Beware of dancing, however. Pointy toes are v. sharp.


top Garbage shoes Jeffrey Campbell for Nasty Gal purse Charming Charlie聽shorts Forever 21 lace cover thrifted

My Christmas Lit & Fashion Haul

As you can probably expect, I got plenty of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and聽books for Christmas. Not too shabby:


I love the print on this skater skirt, and the slight steampunk vibe of the statement necklace.


Gilmore Girls on DVD, and some great books I’ve been salivating for:聽The Lowland, The Valkyries, The Alchemist, Neverwhere, Bellman & Black,聽and聽The Moonstone. January will be a month filled with great reads, so stay tuned!


shoes from ModCloth and Jeffrey Campbell! Evangelina mesh booties, Flair-y Tale Boots, and Haute on Your Heels Booties

.IMG_2591 IMG_2592

And the coat from Modcloth I was waxing poetic about just a few short weeks ago…


Haul ^ I’m ready for a long, cold winter filled with reading by the fire, plenty of scarves and boots, and some great hot chocolate!