A Valentine’s Day outfit // scallop hem skirt + heart tights

Happy Friday all! I’ve got another festive Valentine’s Day outfit today, because I can’t help getting into the spirit. I bought these awesome heart tights from Modcloth about a month ago and knew I was going to save them for February. Hope you like this outfit!

Photo Feb 07, 8 10 42 PM

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Fashion // How to wear 90s style trends

Hey everyone! I’m back today with a simple, comfy outfit that is a little bit 90s. This was a go-to outfit for me a lot in the fall and early winter, and I love how a little gray sweater dress could so easily be accessorized based on my mood and the occasion. LGD? 馃槈

Here, I’ve really capitalized on the 90s trend with this pretty wrap choker echoing the 90s style of the dress. Then, because I’m obsessed with fun tights, I wore these baroque-style back seam tights, with my new favorite shoes from Modcloth鈥攖hey’re perfect for work.

Hope you like!

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Fashion // Tuxedo-style dress + mod shoes for work

Hi all and happy Friday! I’m back today with a cool look I wore to work, featuring a collared swing dress that looks a little like a tuxedo, with black tights and these amazing, pointed toe black heels with a t-strap. I love how this look is a little mod and definitely a little edgy. I usually don’t wear a lot of black, but I love how cool this looks. Hope you like!

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Fashion // Born to be free

Spring is approaching! Thought I’d get into the spirit of things and enjoy the warming weather with this bright, floral dress. Since it’s also (sometimes) warm enough to go without full stockings, I wore this with some knee highs, and my favorite Oxford booties. I love the transitions between seasons.

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Fashion // Festivities

I wore this old H&M dress on Thanksgiving, paired with my favorite new black Oxfords, my mom’s old belt from the 80s, and this beautiful coat from New Dress. The belt was perhaps a mistake during turkey and dessert, but otherwise, it was a comfy, dressy outfit for one of my favorite days of the year. Hope you like!

6 11 7 14 16 15 5
coat c/o New Dress, dress from H&M (old), belt vintage, shoes from Modcloth


In search of that perfect tote…

I have very specific bag needs. Because I work from home, I find myself constantly throwing my materials into a bag and heading to a library or bookstore for a change of scene, and so I always need a bag that can fit all my heavy annoying stuff. Like my planner and pen case, a book to read (can’t go anywhere without!), my wallet, my charger and of course, my laptop. The bag also should have a sturdy structure so everything slides right in without flopping around and driving me crazy.

The bag I have fits everything…but my computer. Alas, I am in the market for a better fits-all bag I can use and abuse and of course, is cute. It has to be at least 14 inches wide to fit my sleeved computer. And it should also have a long shoulder strap so I don’t have to wear it on the crook of my arm anymore. So difficult. Here are some of my options (plus a couple adorable purses I cannot resist):

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 6.32.49 PM

I’m obsessed with all of them, but I love that book one the best! Of course…

These are all from Modcloth and you can get the links on my Polyvore.

Do you have very specific work bag needs? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you have one to recommend, please tell me!


Join the "Truth in Fashion" Revolution!

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about how Modcloth had signed a pledge promising not to Photoshop their ads. The 鈥Truth in Advertising Heroes Pledge,” organized by the Brave Girls’ Alliance, sets out terms and conditions limiting the Photoshop practices of those who sign the pledge. By signing, Modcloth has agreed聽to聽鈥渄o [their] best not to change the shape, size, proportion, color and/or remove/enhance the physical features, of the people in [their] ads in post-production.鈥 ModCloth also agrees to label any photoshopped images with a 鈥淭ruth in Advertising鈥 label to ensure that 鈥渃hildren and teens do not confuse an advertising 鈥榠deal鈥 with what鈥檚 real.鈥

Modcloth is the first official clothing retailer to sign the pledge! When I heard the news, I was happy, but it also seemed to me kind of a no-brainer. I think the time for Photoshopping women’s bodies has passed, honestly. Society has changed to the point where so many women would rather see diversity in their ads,聽diversity that shows their different types of bodies represented in a positive light. This brings me to Modcloth’s “Truth in Fashion” campaign.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.16.54 PM


Modcloth’s campaign is built on the results of a study聽proving just how much “the fashion industry is out of step with what women are looking for.” Modcloth has a point, as big-name fashion retailers and magazines continue to Photoshop their models to fit into an ideal that so many women are learning to reject. There is no ideal body type for women. And Modcloth has not only embraced that, but they have been promoting it since the establishment of their company.

The Modcloth “Truth in Fashion” campaign gives power back to women, to the consumers of fashion, to set the standards for what they see in their ads and magazines. This is a huge shift in perspective from the fashion industry, because we’re all so used to seeing one type of woman represented in our magazines. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with being skinny (I’ve been rail-thin all my life and have sometimes been mocked for it, so that shows you no one is immune to body-shaming) but obviously, all women are beautiful just the way they are. Modcloth celebrates this.

So I will be participating in their “Truth in Fashion” campaign, and so should you! To join the “movement,” take an outfit photo or selfie and post it to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag “#fashiontruth.” Your photo will be posted on the Modcloth blog!聽I’ll be participating as a Featured Blogger, and I hope that the little I’ve done to promote healthy body image will make a difference.

Photo from Modcloth blog, links to source.

Road Trip Style

After much deliberation, I am happy to announce that my friends and I will be聽going to Portland, Maine in July. This was a far cry from my initial thought of going South, but after researching Maine, I’m so excited for lobster rolls, pre-Civil War museums, lighthouses, and lots of beach. I’m lucky to be going on vacation with friends with diverse tastes because if it were up to me, I’d just eat lobster, read books, and prowl museums all day, but we’re planning hikes, tours, kayaking, arcades, long days at the beach, and many, many lobster rolls. I can’t wait!

Here are some items on my road trip shopping list:

road trip style

I’ve been coveting these Shoe Cult booties for a while now, and lucky for me, they’re on sale! It was fate. I am gravitating toward light colors and floaty dresses and tops, florals and stripes and nautical-themed wear! I also still want to find a good high-waisted bikini. Anyone have any suggestions? I think Modcloth is a good place to start, but they always seem to be just out of my price range, sigh.

boots from Nasty Gal, flats, fedora, striped shorts, white top from Forever 21, salmon skirt from Chicwish, anchor dress from Yoyomelody, links on my Polyvore page!

Fashion: Moon River

I’m sad April is almost over. It’s my second favorite month of the year. I love the rain and the birds singing in the mornings, sigh. But I love May even more. Here are some pictures from the middle of the month. My computer’s hard drive failed a couple weeks ago, hence the lack of outfit photos. It took me a while to get my laptop back in running order and retrieve a lot of lost data. No fun!

The color of the skirt is almost Tiffany blue, so this one’s for Holly Golightly. You’re a gem.

1 2 3 4 5 6

shoes from Modcloth (Jeffrey Campbell), skirt from Yesstyle.com, top from Delia’s, umbrella from DSW

Moon river, wider than a mile
I’m crossing you in style some day
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you’re going, I’m going your way

Evening Extravagance by Modcloth

Modcloth recently approached me to create a fabulous ensemble centered around the Evening of Extravagance Dress, and truly, it was a pleasure to mix and match pieces from their collection to create a stunning look I’d definitely wear. Here’s my take on Modcloth evening fashion:

Modcloth_polyvoreon my Polyvore as well

What I love most about Modcloth is the way their clothing combines whimsy and elegance for a truly statement ensemble that feels both unique and vintage, without sacrificing current trends. The clothes and shoes I’ve purchased from Modcloth always attract compliments, more so than any other clothing brand, I’ve found (except, perhaps, for my DIY heels, but that’s not a brand!).

Here I’ve created a formal ensemble with classic pieces that feel both timeless and quirky–Modcloth excels in quirk. I love Modcloth’s dresses the best, and maybe their shoes, dripping as they are with character and a touch of the unconventional. I’d wear this outfit for a rather formal Valentine’s Day date. I love the punctuation ring especially!

Note: I was not compensated for this post, nor did I receive any free items, though Modcloth did approach me to create an ensemble for the Uniquely You campaign. This board reflects my own personal style and I would absolutely wear it in real life!聽