Wish List // Work-appropriate (and me-appropriate) fashion & style

I’ve never been a pencil skirt kind of girl, and when I was younger and very idealistic, the idea of a 9-5 office job bored me to the nth degree, and part of that perception had to do with the clothes. I imagined every day as an endless block of black blazers and white blouses, and since the real me loves floral prints, skater skirts, rainbow-colored hair, and patterned tights, “office fashion” seemed unbearably terrible to me.

Nowadays, my opinion of office fashion has changed, especially once I realized that as an office worker in a creative field, I didn’t have to dress like an investment banker or trial lawyer. However, it’s still very challenging to put together daily outfits that reflect my love for bright colors and loud patterns. And while a couple days a week, I put no effort into my clothes and just throw on slacks and a blouse, I still love to infuse my personality into the clothes I wear to work. Clothes have long been one of my primary modes of expression, and it’s an addiction that doesn’t fade easily!

Here are some must-have pieces I’ve put together for some work-style inspiration:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.16.36 PM
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Choies Midi Skirts

Choies is really nailing their midi skirt game. I am recently obsessed with midi skirts and disappointed with my height. I also love so many of these skirts but since it’s nearly winter weather, I know a lot of these skirts won’t work with tights. But still:

These prints are unreal. They’re so detailed and dramatic and definitely statement-making. My favorite of the bunch is that Girl Print skirt. I’m thinking of getting that for Thanksgiving/Christmas/Christmas parties. I’d like it with a pair of red heels and a cream top with a fur. Which is your favorite? Check them out here: Yellow Scenery Print skirtBlack Rose Print skirtGirl Print skirtRed Floral Linen skirtWhite Sakura skirt.