Beauty Review // Prime Objective Perfecting primer

Hey all! I’m back today with a review of a face primer, the Studio Gear Cosmetics Prime Objective silicone primer. My primer needs are pretty specific: oil absorbing and color correcting, and I’ve never used a silicone-heavy primer before, so I didn’t know what to expect initially when giving this primer a try. I’ve heard mixed things about makeup containing silicone, so I did my research! I’ve been using this primer for a few weeks now, so here’s my honest opinion of this Prime Objective Primer.

prime objective primer

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OnePlus Foundation Brush Review

I received a makeup brush set from OnePlus in exchange for a product review. The package comes with four foundation brushes set in a black handle with a black-t0-gray gradient on the bristles. Here’s what I thought:

Photo Feb 07, 12 47 24 PMPhoto Feb 07, 12 47 53 PM Photo Feb 07, 12 48 07 PM Photo Feb 07, 12 48 34 PM

The first thing I noticed about these brushes when I opened the package was that they smelled really bad, like a pungent polyurethane smell that permeated the air. I kept the package closed for a while because I couldn’t stand that smell. When I did open the package again, I washed the brushes and let them air dry, and that seemed to have removed the smell. All of these four brushes are foundation brushes: one tapered, a kabuki, etc. I’m not a foundation girl, preferring a lighter BB Cream on my problem skin, but I tried the tapered brush to apply my normal Missha BB Cream.

Photo Feb 07, 1 00 44 PM Photo Feb 07, 12 57 06 PM Photo Feb 07, 12 59 32 PM Photo Feb 07, 12 58 46 PM

I loved the airbrushed effect I achieved using the foundation brush instead of using my fingers! It distributed the cream so much more evenly and easily, and even though I ended up using more product than usual (because so much got lost on the brush), the look I achieved was worth it. Now I feel stupid for never having bought a foundation brush before, but I guess it all worked out for the best!

I used the kabuki brush to dab some setting mineral powder to the oily spots on my t-zone, and this brush worked just as well as my larger powder brush. But still, these brushes are great quality for the price, if you can get over that terrible first smell. The bristles are soft and they don’t shed at all, and they feel sturdy and substantial, not cheap and flimsy. That’s truly all I need.

Photo Feb 07, 1 01 09 PMPhoto Feb 07, 1 01 17 PM

I’d give this product 4/5. Buy them here.

makeup brushes c/o OnePlus