Fashion || The start of something

Today I’m wearing this fabulous new cape coat over one of my favorite, very old dresses. I bought this dress at least four years ago, and because of the colors and how comfy it is, I must wear it a dozen times a year, and I love that. It’s definitely a staple dress, and one that I never get tired of.

I’ve been eager to find myself a good cape coat for ages, and I love this lightweight one. Cape coats of all kinds are definitely a mild-weather outerwear option, because obviously, your arms get no protection from the cold. But it’s such a fun piece to style for the warmer fall days because you get to play around with colors and patterns.

Also wearing the Kendall Jenner lipstick I cannot get enough of. It matched perfectly!

(As an aside: this is my 400th blog post. Crazy!)


dress from Forever 21 (old), cape coat c/o聽Wholesale Buying, shoes from Chicwish, lipstick from Estee Lauder (Kendall Jenner’s “Restless” shade)


Cold weather accessories wish list!

I don’t think I’m the only one who gets excited for cold-weather accessories. I love combining coats with the perfect聽gloves, hats, socks, stockings, and scarves. My accessories tend to be a mix of bright color combinations and minimal warmth, because unfortunately I’m one of those people who sacrifice warmth for style. I just love cold weather months, and I love to dress up for them, as if the season聽were an event. 馃檪

I have winter coats in burgundy, black, red, white, off-white, and basically anything in red tones or neutral, so my color schemes tend to gravitate toward warm colors/reds/mauves/pinks/blacks.

Here’s what’s on my wish list for the fall/winter:


I’m especially obsessed with the faux fur vest from TopShop! Shop these picks on my Polyvore.


Fashion // Wasted daylight

Something I’m really excited for is getting my natural curl back. Since I dyed my hair in April with a whole rainbow of colors, the best way to show it off was to blow it out, or as I usually did, flat-iron my hair and then put in curls on the bottom. I hated styling my hair because my preferred method of hairstyling is to wash it and then go to sleep.

So now that I’ve cut it, even though there’s still stubborn remnants of green on the ends, it’s so much easier to go natural! I missed my waves. 馃檪

I put together this outfit using some jewel-ish tones, and I like the effect. I love wearing rich colors like these, and fall is the perfect time.
1 2 4 5
dress c/o, bag from Cambridge (gifted), necklace from Weezie D. (local boutique)


Fall Days & Fall Nights

Every season of the year brings something new and exciting that makes me so happy I live in a place with four distinct seasons. After the heat and excitement of summer fades, there’s nothing I love more than to enjoy the crisp fall weather by either staying in for days at a time with a book, or going outside for those singular fall activities I can’t get enough of. Also I love crunching leaves. 馃槈

Version 2

Here’s my very, very brief checklist of the things I want to do this fall season:

go apple/pumpkin picking

There is no better way to soak in the crisp fall weather than going apple picking鈥攂raining yourself in the head with that long picker, eating more apples than you buy, and breaking all the rules by trying to climb trees (and only going up three branches) are all priceless experiences.

dress in jewel tones

Eek! I can’t tell you how excited I am for聽fall fashion! I already have my scarves lined up and ready, I’ve bought boots, I’ve bought dresses, I’ve bought stockings. I’ve put together some outfits I seriously cannot wait to put together and share.

For me, fall fashion means layering, wearing jewel tones like purple, burnt orange, reds and yellows, and boooooooots.

read scary books

Summer is always a reading slump for me; there are always a million other things to do! So to get myself back in the routine, and to get myself hype for Halloween, I like to read something slightly scary. This year, it’s going to be Libba Bray’s sequel to The Diviners: Lair of Dreams.

As a fantasy/historical/YA novel, it’s not exactly a horror story BUT Bray’s first Diviners book was easily the scariest thing I ever read, so I have high hopes for the sequel.

drink oktoberfest

BEER! Do I have to say more?

take photographs

This time of year, or really, whenever the seasons start to change, I love to go out wandering with my camera in hand. Everything slows down and you have this intense quiet time to yourself to think, reflect, and flex your creativity. I love it, and I get some beautiful photographs out of the mix.

be a tourist

Fall in New York City is not only freaking beautiful, but it has so much more culture and just as many activities as in the summer. PLUS, as an added bonus, the rooftop happy hours aren’t ridiculously packed anymore.

There are so many events and festivals, especially food-related (which are my favorite kind) and I can’t wait to try them out.


Cold weather = blankets and hoodies.

For the love of boots…

It’s THAT time of year again…boots season!! Okay, so I don’t think this is unusual for we fashion blogger types, but I am wholeheartedly obsessed with boots/booties and I usually go absolutely insane this time of year researching boots, pricing boots, evaluating my collection of boots, trying to make myself stay frugal by not buying boots, and just generally spending 65% of my time (about) thinking about聽boots.

Cause I like boots.

This year, my boot needs are slim because my boot buying in past years has been wise. That’s a good thing鈥攂ecause I don’t have much to buy, and a bad thing鈥攂ecause I聽want to buy boots.

So in an effort to remain organized and sort of stop myself from going too crazy, I’ve made a collage of the kinds of boots I tend to gravitate toward and I’ve thought of what I want to wear them with.Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.10.39 PM

I’ve found booties that will work well predominantly with skirts and dresses, since that’s most of what I wear in fall. I’m not a jeans girl, and I think these will also work well with those sleek stretchy pants I wear so much. You’ll also find some flats choices, because my flats collection is sorely lacking.

1, 2, 5, 6 Jeffrey Campbell, 3 & 7 Topshop, 4 Modcloth (links)


Fashion // Sun or Summer Days

Truly, the last days of the summer are drifting away. Where I live, it’s been getting chillier and chillier at night, so fall must be around the corner. Three days left of summer! How can I make the most of this?!

This outfit is pretty nautical, but I tried to transition these light, airy summer pieces with a few touches of fall: my jacket, boots and leaf necklace. It was perfect for a nighttime casual outfit. I’ll miss my two-pieces and my shorts, but I love trying new combos and transitioning a late summer wardrobe for early fall.

Title inspired by Lana Del Rey’s “Music To Watch Boys To.” Her new album came out today. ~~~~ 馃檪IMG_4373 IMG_4396 IMG_4421 IMG_4405IMG_4444 IMG_4447

two piece set c/o New Dress, boots from Chicwish, necklace from Aldo

“Nothing gold can stay
Like love or lemonade
Or sun or summer days
It’s all a game to me anyway”


Fashion // Gravity Happens

I’m not sold on this dress. I love the style of it but I’m not crazy about the length and the fit. I got it from Sammy Dress, and the prices are so low that you definitely pay for the quality, you know? I wore the dress with my Jordan Baker necklace from Halloween and some new boots from Yesstyle:

IMG_9257 IMG_9308 IMG_9321 IMG_9337 IMG_9341

necklace from DSW, boots from Yesstyle, dress from Sammy Dress

Fashion // Wildest Dreams

This outfit is an extreme example of repurposing old clothes. Almost every single article of clothing in this outfit is two-plus years old or a hand-me-down. The boots are from ~2011, the top is from my sister (I salvaged it from her Goodwill pile), the mustard jacket is also ~2011, and the skirt must be from 2009 or so! It鈥檚 mad old. I used to wear it at least once a month in college. And the scarf is my mother鈥檚.

IMG_9167 IMG_9178 IMG_9191 IMG_9202 IMG_9156 IMG_9231

It鈥檚 always a challenge putting together solid outfits on a tight budget, but it鈥檚 also fun and extremely satisfying to leave your bank account alone and just rummage through your own closet.

boots from Marshalls聽(Adrienne Vittadini), top from Garage, skirt from Forever 21