Fashion ft. Roadkill Ranch // Styling a kimono for fall

I’m a huge fan of the so-called kimono for fall. I adore drapey looks and loose silhouettes, and I just love the bohemian look a kimono gives to an outfit. But they’re generally easier to style in the warmer months because they’re not sturdy or substantial when you need warmth. But with the right kimono and the right styling, you can absolutely wear a kimono for fall!

kimono for fall

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Fashion ft. Dezzal // Patterned tights + sweater dress

End of summer means TIGHTS! I’m one of those girls who love stockings and tights of all kinds, and think that a good pair of tights can totally make an entire outfit. I love patterned tights, brightly-colored tights, soft knit ones, and thin sheer ones to achieve every kind of look possible.

Today, I’m highlighting these amazing brocade-patterned knit tights by Hue, paired with this amazing, heavy sweater dress from Dezzal. It’s a bit of an unusual style, because the hems are all artfully ripped in different places, which is why I absolutely had to have this dress to begin with! It’s heavy and warm, but the no-sleeves thing make it a good fall piece—perfect to transition! I hope you like this look…

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Fashion ft. Back East Boutique, transitioning to fall

Fall is riiiiight around the corner, making me v. happy, and also leaving me at a loss for what to wear. It’s always something of a shock to transition your summer wardrobe to fall, so some new pieces are sometimes necessary to make the transition easier. That’s why I love this gorgeous new top I just got from Back East Boutique.

back east boutique

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In love with the cape coat

I’ve wanted to get a new cape-style coat for a long time, but my search was put off this year by persistent summer weather. I’m not complaining, considering it’s almost mid-October and temps are in the 70s, but it’s just lulling me in a false sense of cape-coat-less security.

I kind of want fall to come just so I know it’s actually there, and that I won’t wake up one morning next week to a foot of snow (that happened last year!). I want to be prepared! So I’m lusting after these cool cape coats:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 12.03.24 PM

I think these are all perfect for fall, and I’m partial to numbers 1 & 6. May have to make a late fall purchase! Links here.


Fashion // Tangerine Dreams

Okay, so fall may be here and that’s wonderful, but it’s still 80+ degrees round here. I’m not complaining, but I do sort of want to wear boots and stockings soon. Hear that, world?

I got this amazing, beautiful scarf from Banarsi Designs, and it’s perfect as a “transition” scarf, as is this outfit, which I put together as a mix of summer and autumn. I’m obsessed with this scarf’s colors, and I also love how light and airy it is. It’s a perfect early autumn statement scarf.

Paired with an old skirt, some cute clock necklaces I picked up at the San Gennaro festival on the Lower East Side, and lace-up boots!

7 4 8 2 3 1 5

top and skirt from Forever 21, boots thrifted, scarf c/o Banarsi Designs, necklaces thrifted