Beauty Review // Simply Scrub Organic Body Scrubs

A little while ago, I started to make my own DIY coffee body scrub, with a simple combination of coffee grounds, brown sugar, and olive oil. Scrubbing my body with this simple mixture left me feeling smooth, soft, and as a bonus, managed to cut down on the cellulite around my thighs. I’m a huge fan of food as beauty products, so when I was asked to try out scrubs by Simply Scrub, I jumped at the chance.

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DIY coffee scrub, 3 different ways!

DIY-coffee-scrub All my life, I’ve had very dry skin, and to add to the frustration, I rarely remember to moisturize daily. Even when I do, it’s clear that just a daily moisturizer isn’t enough to deal with my chronic dry skin, so I’m always on the lookout for an all-in-one solution. Recently, my sister turned me onto a coffee body scrub, and I seriously have never been so impressed with a DIY, at-home solution for so many skin conditions. Here’s why.

Coffee body scrubs are so effective because they do so many things: the caffeine in the coffee grounds are supposed to minimize the appearance of cellulite, for starters. Cellulite is notoriously difficult to get rid of, and even though exercise is one of the most effective ways to break it down, caffeine also helps.

Secondly, coffee scrubs can be combined with other kitchen items to make one product that can do a lot of stuff in one step. Here, I’ve put together three different formulas to target what you may need in a body scrub, from cellulite reduction to exfoliation and more.

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