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Hi all! I have an exciting feature today, the work of my incredibly talented brother-in-law Marc, who is a hobbyist photographer based in the Bronx. As long as I’ve known Marc, which is a long time considering he’s married to my sister, he’s always had an eye for photography, born of a natural talent and college instruction. Like so many of us, he is a photographer and blogger by night, cultivating his artistic talent and making his hobby a big part of his life. He’s also awesome: one of my favorite series of his is called “Rethinking the Bronx,” in which he showcases the streets of the Bronx and presents it in a different light, very different from the stereotypical image of the Bronx so many people have.

Like this image:


Take a look at his work below, and follow his blog, Instagram, and Twitter to see more of his amazing work.

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Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

A couple weeks ago I went upstate with my friends to the Catskills for Oktoberfest! It was an awesome weekend filled with beer and karaoke, fire pits and some beautiful mountain views. It’s one of my favorite places: too bad it rained all weekend. 🙂

IMG_2521 IMG_2498

The weekend after, my sister and I saw Keira Knightley in the off-Broadway show Therese Raquin, adapted from an Emile Zola novel. The show was a nail-biter, a drama about a French woman who has an affair with her husband’s best friend. Her lover kills her husband so he can be with her, and then the husband haunts them both.

File Oct 11, 11 00 57 PMFile Oct 19, 12 53 57 PM

Onstage, Keira Knightley is as wonderful as she is onscreen, and we even got her autograph at the stage door afterward!

Then, in keeping with my resolution to be an annoying tourist in New York City more often and take advantage of living so close, my best friend and I took a Saturday this past weekend to go exploring. We had lunch outside near a waterfall at Paley Park, went uptown to visit my favorite bookstore The Westsider, and wandered around Central Park.

Photo Oct 17, 3 50 22 PMPhoto Oct 18, 1 33 58 AM Photo Oct 18, 1 18 25 AMPhoto Oct 18, 1 11 08 AM
Photo Oct 18, 1 29 42 AMPhoto Oct 18, 1 03 02 AM

We sat in front of the Belvedere Castle, and then walked down to Strawberry Fields, the section of the Park dedicated to John Lennon. It was peaceful, and there was a street performer playing acoustic Beatles songs, adding to the ambiance and importance of such a place, so close to where John Lennon used to live.

Next weekend I’m going pumpkin picking, and so I have to say, so far I’m really enjoying my autumn. 🙂 What’s everyone else doing this season?