Fashion // All the words that you said

I’m really into monochrome outfits right now, that incorporate different shades of the same color. This one is a little dark green/forest green/brownish outfit that of course I had to ruin with a long lace vest. I’ve got two of these skirts from Boohoo—I’ve worn the other before—and I think this one will become a staple throughout winter.

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top thrifted, skirt from, necklace gifted


Fashion // Christmas dreaming

I took these photos when it was raining outside, so here are some rare indoor photos in front of my gorgeous tree.

It has been a v. long time since my last outfit post because this season has been so, so busy. Not complaining in the least, but blogging unfortunately falls by the wayside sometimes. Anyway, this is a fun, festive outfit I may wear for my Christmas Eve/Day festivities. Soft dress, nice and comfy stockings (I’m one of those people who think stockings are comfortable), and shoes I will probably kick off the moment dinner starts!

Also adore this blazer. Goes with almost every blouse/dress in my closet, and makes everything look super cute.

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dress, necklace, tights from, blazer from Wholesale Buying


Fashion // The light keep falling

Tried to blend into the leaves with this outfit. 🙂

The textures of this skirt, top, stockings combo all remind me of 90s style, and the color of the corduroy skirt is a little 70s. This is a very textural outfit, with the corduroy, ribbed stockings, and the material of this lightweight sweater. But I also love this color combination and how the colors just pop next to each other. Fall is the perfect time of year for these beautiful hues.

My friends think this necklace looks like the sign of the Deathly Hallows, and now I like it even better! △⃒⃘

Dyed my hair darker, to get rid of the green tips at the bottom (you can still kiiiiinda see it) and also for winter. I’m actually loving the subtle darker shade.

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skirt and top from, boots from Forever 21 (old)


Fashion || Playing on the radio

Forever 21 rompers may be way too short, but Boohoo rompers are perfect. I love the material of them, how structured they are, and that the shorts are long enough to feel comfortable in. I paired this romper with a lace cardigan from Marshalls to make it look less like a pair of pajamas. Accessorizing magic.

No shoes, cause who needs em? I love walking on soft grass in the summer.

IMG_3802 IMG_3820 IMG_3834 IMG_3832 IMG_3816 IMG_3833 IMG_3839

romper from, cardigan from Marshalls, purse from Alice + Olivia, necklace from Forever 21


Fashion | From day to day

As you can probably guess, I just can’t get away from my color obsession, despite my current neutral-toned wardrobe. Even though this amazing Boohoo romper is a pretty neutral blush, I had to wear it with this multicolored vintage blazer I scored for cheap. I’m into this whole monochrome effect right now, so the blush Jeffrey Campbells were the perfect choice. Funny thing: this old blazer has some serious shoulder pads.

Also: pretty body chain! Simple and subtle, from Forever 21. I love wearing florals all day EVERY DAY.

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romper from, shoes from VillainsSF (Jeffrey Campbell),
hat and blazer thrifted, chain from F21


Fashion | Wilderness

Separates. This outfit was almost accidental. The top was previously a dress that I cut in two because the hem was far too long. I asked my mom to hem the bottom of the newly-made “crop top” and then I paired it with this old Tobi skirt I forgot I had. Happy accident. These stockings have been in my wardrobe since 2009, and I think it’s time to retire them. They used to be my favorite. IMG_1038 IMG_1046 IMG_1064 IMG_1109 IMG_1143IMG_1060

DIY crop top previously a dress from, hat thrifted, skirt from Tobi, necklace from Forever 21

Fashion | Divine Discontent

Spring was moving in the air above and in the earth below and around him, penetrating even his dark and lowly little house with its spirit of divine discontent and longing.” – Kenneth Brahame

Ever read The Wind in the Willows? This ~fashion~ post has nothing to do with the book, except that it’s soon to be spring. 😉 I felt the vibes here, even though there’s so, so much snow in the background. Ah well. It’s pretty.

IMG_0905 IMG_0906 IMG_0869 IMG_0911 IMG_0900 IMG_0860 IMG_0907

boots and kimono from Forever 21, snake lariat necklace from Nordstrom (Kendall & Kylie) dress from

Fashion | Perseverance

It’s been a long winter and even though I’m sad to see it go, spring is right around the corner. Strangely, spring is when I transition away from pastels and into jewel tones. I just feel like everything is a riot of color and I tend to mirror that in my dress.

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dress from Boohoo, tights and cardigan from H&M