Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

A couple weeks ago I went upstate with my friends to the Catskills for Oktoberfest! It was an awesome weekend filled with beer and karaoke, fire pits and some beautiful mountain views. It’s one of my favorite places: too bad it rained all weekend. 馃檪

IMG_2521 IMG_2498

The weekend after, my sister and I saw Keira Knightley in the off-Broadway show聽Therese Raquin, adapted from an Emile Zola novel. The show was a nail-biter, a drama about a French woman who has an affair with her husband’s best friend. Her lover kills her husband so he can be with her, and then the husband haunts them both.

File Oct 11, 11 00 57 PMFile Oct 19, 12 53 57 PM

Onstage, Keira Knightley is as wonderful as she is onscreen, and we even got her autograph at the stage door afterward!

Then, in keeping with my resolution to be an annoying tourist in New York City more often and take advantage of living so close, my best friend and I took a Saturday this past weekend to go exploring. We had lunch outside near a waterfall at Paley Park, went uptown to visit my favorite bookstore The Westsider, and wandered around Central Park.

Photo Oct 17, 3 50 22 PMPhoto Oct 18, 1 33 58 AM Photo Oct 18, 1 18 25 AMPhoto Oct 18, 1 11 08 AM
Photo Oct 18, 1 29 42 AMPhoto Oct 18, 1 03 02 AM

We sat in front of the Belvedere Castle, and then walked down to Strawberry Fields, the section of the Park dedicated to John Lennon. It was peaceful, and there was a street performer playing acoustic Beatles songs, adding to the ambiance and importance of such a place, so close to where John Lennon used to live.

Next weekend I’m going pumpkin picking, and so I have to say, so far I’m really enjoying my autumn. 馃檪 What’s everyone else doing this season?


Fashion // Tangerine Dreams

Okay, so fall may be here and that’s wonderful, but it’s still 80+ degrees round here. I’m not complaining, but I do sort of want to wear boots and stockings soon. Hear that, world?

I got this amazing, beautiful scarf from Banarsi Designs, and it’s perfect as a “transition” scarf, as is this outfit, which I put together as a mix of summer and autumn.聽I’m obsessed with this scarf’s colors, and I also love how light and airy it is. It’s a perfect early autumn statement scarf.

Paired with an old skirt, some cute clock necklaces I picked up at the San Gennaro festival on the Lower East Side, and lace-up boots!

7 4 8 2 3 1 5

top and skirt from Forever 21, boots thrifted, scarf c/o Banarsi Designs, necklaces thrifted


For the love of boots…

It’s THAT time of year again…boots season!! Okay, so I don’t think this is unusual for we fashion blogger types, but I am wholeheartedly obsessed with boots/booties and I usually go absolutely insane this time of year researching boots, pricing boots, evaluating my collection of boots, trying to make myself stay frugal by not buying boots, and just generally spending 65% of my time (about) thinking about聽boots.

Cause I like boots.

This year, my boot needs are slim because my boot buying in past years has been wise. That’s a good thing鈥攂ecause I don’t have much to buy, and a bad thing鈥攂ecause I聽want to buy boots.

So in an effort to remain organized and sort of stop myself from going too crazy, I’ve made a collage of the kinds of boots I tend to gravitate toward and I’ve thought of what I want to wear them with.Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.10.39 PM

I’ve found booties that will work well predominantly with skirts and dresses, since that’s most of what I wear in fall. I’m not a jeans girl, and I think these will also work well with those sleek stretchy pants I wear so much. You’ll also find some flats choices, because my flats collection is sorely lacking.

1, 2, 5, 6 Jeffrey Campbell, 3 & 7 Topshop, 4 Modcloth (links)


When the leaves fall down…

I have been having a wonderful, leafy, beer-y, apply fall this year which is why the blog has been just a wee bit quieter lately on the book and fashion fronts…so in lieu of not posting anything, I thought I’d share some highlights of my autumn with you all.

On my birthday weekend I headed upstate again to Glen Brook Farm with my sister, brother-in-law and friends, and autumn had arrived there so much more quickly than it has down here in the ‘burbs. Everything was a lush orange and red, and the ground was covered in fall foliage. Even the misty mountains turned red. It was Oktoberfest weekend, so there was lots of barbecue and plenty of great beer and great friends. It was such a fun weekend and a perfect way to celebrate my 23rd birthday (ouch!).


Then today I went apple picking with my family and broke the “no climbing trees” rule, except I’m a wuss and only went up like three feet. But my sister and I sat on a low limb and pretended to be wood nymphs or something (wearing jeans). It was a lot of fun! We nearly killed each other and other people with that ten-foot apple picker stick, but it was definitely an experience! I haven’t gone apple picking in three or four years, and it was something I used to do every year when I was a kid, so it brought back some memories.

This past weekend was also my sister’s bachelorette party! A group of like 15 cousins and friends came out for the event, which was so much fun. We went on a vineyard tour of Long Island, got our faces painted at one of my favorite spots in the city, Riff Raff’s, and had an amazing taco-and-margarita dinner at Teqa. I also snapped a few photos of my sisters and me on the balcony of my cousin’s apartment in Chelsea. She has a pretty awesome view:

Photo Oct 12, 11 19 12 AM

What have you all been doing this fall? Any fun festivals or beer-oriented activities you’d like to share?

Fashion // Idol of Roses

I love long, drapey things and anything white/cream/beige. I am loving soft colors lately. It has since gotten colder here in New York and impossibly rainy, but on the day I took these it was a perfect sunny, early autumn day. This climbing ivy is legit. And I will keep wearing these Nasty Gal boots while the weather鈥攁nd my pedicure鈥攈olds out!

I wore this to an early birthday celebration at Havana Cafe in the Bronx. It was hot hot hot out and we sat out on the patio during brunch and just soaked up the sun and sipped cocktails. That was a perfect pre-birthday celebration for me.

10-22-2 8-2 11-26-2 13-2 14-27-2

boots from Nasty Gal, skirt from Forever 21, sweater kimono from Marshalls (One Clothing), leaf necklace from Aldo

Fashion // All the stars come out

I’m gravitating so much more toward long, flowy pieces lately, and strangely, to my least favorite color, blue. It is kind of soothing. I also love having things trail behind me, like I’ve got wings. I wore this oversize shirt over my favorite Forever 21 romper and the shoes I cannot pry from my feet: these boots from Nasty Gal. Autumn is approaching, but I still love dressing for this hot weather we’re getting in New York! But I can’t wait for browns and oranges, for cozy sweaters and stockings.


2 6



Kimono from Charade, romper from Forever 21, boots from Nasty Gal (Shoe Cult), leaf necklace from Aldo

Fashion: Miles To Go

Stretchy pants, how I love thee. I also love the details of this shirt: the tie at the waist, the butterfly pattern, the lace-edged collar, the color combination. It reminds me more of autumn than of spring, but I’ll take it.
1 2 3 4 5 6
shoes Qupid, pants Love Tree, top from Kohl’s
鈥淭hese woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.鈥
鈥斅燫obert Frost