Fashion // The past and pending

Lately, in an effort to not shop so much, I’ve been trying to repurpose old things. In that spirit, last week I found this dress that I bought last year but never wore! I tend to buy things on a whim and then wonder if I can pull it off. Luckily, I really liked the way this shirt dress looked, paired with a thick black belt with gold accents. I added more gold highlights here and there to reinforce the look, and with the Posie K lip color, I think I tied it together well!

Also: STRAIGHT HAIR. I just had it cut, and so I had that new-haircut swagger. Instant confidence, am I right?

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Fashion // Maybe this year

Every year, I look forward to what I’m going to wear for Christmas Day. All my life, I’ve loved to dress up on special occasions, and even on occasions that aren’t that special for obvious reasons, but that feel special to me. I like to dress up just for the sake of it.

So this year, I put together this outfit culled from the presents I received on the day and some affordable pieces from Marshalls and other stores like that. I love how this outfit is sparkly, cute, and chic, but also comfy and affordable. Hope you like it! It would also be a perfect choice for New Year’s Eve!

I also did my eye makeup in a very fun way鈥攚ith rhinestones on my lids. I got the idea from my favorite beauty vlogger Chloe Morello, who got it from Kylie Jenner’s Halloween costume this year. It was not so easy gluing jewels to my eyes, but hey, the end result was totally worth it. 馃檪

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sweater from Marshalls (Abercrombie & Fitch), shoes, necklace, and shorts from Easy Pickins


My Stitch Fix Experience, A Review

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just a picky person. Or maybe I’m just too damn poor for Stitch Fix.

I took a chance signing up with the service which, if you’ve never heard of it, sends you five items of clothing and jewelry once a month, or as many times as you wish. You can choose the buy the items once they arrive or send them back and pay nothing but a $20 styling fee. If you do choose the buy at least one of the items, the $20 becomes credit toward your purchase. Not bad, right?

So I signed up, fully aware that the items were in the $50-$100 range, whereas I usually spend no more than $30 for a single pair of pants or a top, for example. I’m pretty poor. But still: if there’s something I like then I can use the $20 as credit and maybe splurge a little.

Here’s my first Stitch Fix box:

IMG_8675IMG_8671 IMG_8679

I received a pair of maroon corduroy pants, a black and white shift dress, a knit striped sweater, a patterned top, and a black swing cardigan. I tried them on only briefly so I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of the fit.


All of the clothes were high quality and beautiful, but none of the items really fit my style, or if they did, I already owned something similar (like the maroon pants). They also didn’t fit well at all. I’m pretty small, especially on top, and even though all the sizes were XS or S, they were all huge! I sent everything back and didn’t sign up for a second box yet. I don’t know when鈥攐r if鈥擨 will. Oh well! I guess it’s back to haunting clearance racks for me.

Fashion // Idol of Roses

I love long, drapey things and anything white/cream/beige. I am loving soft colors lately. It has since gotten colder here in New York and impossibly rainy, but on the day I took these it was a perfect sunny, early autumn day. This climbing ivy is legit. And I will keep wearing these Nasty Gal boots while the weather鈥攁nd my pedicure鈥攈olds out!

I wore this to an early birthday celebration at Havana Cafe in the Bronx. It was hot hot hot out and we sat out on the patio during brunch and just soaked up the sun and sipped cocktails. That was a perfect pre-birthday celebration for me.

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boots from Nasty Gal, skirt from Forever 21, sweater kimono from Marshalls (One Clothing), leaf necklace from Aldo

Fashion // Like an American

聽聽Is the high low trend over yet? I hope not, because I love this swishy yellow skirt. I wore this outfit on the day of the first USA game of the World Cup, and I didn’t realize I had worn a ring with stars on it! I was sort of patriotic that day, save for the yellow. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how excited I am about the Cup. I only really watch sports every four years! I love soccer, and I root for both the USA and Italy teams. When Italy won eight years ago, I went to Italy a couple weeks after for a family visit and the amount of pride was overwhelming! I’ll always root for Gli Azzurri, but I’ll be so happy if the USA team makes it far! Who are you guys rooting for? Have you been following along with the World Cup?


skirt and sandals from Forever 21, top from Tobi