Fashion // How to rock the embroidery trend this season

One of my absolute favorite trends for 2016 is embroidery. I love it on clothing, jackets, jeans, and even shoes! My obsession with floral prints means that of course I would automatically gravitate toward floral print embroidery. I鈥檝e been on the lookout for ways to rock the embroidery trend this fall/winter season, and I found a perfect way in this gorgeous embroidered bomber jacket from Missguided.

embroidery trend

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Fashion // How to style a romper in winter

Red is my favorite color, and December is my favorite month of the year. So I鈥檓 super jazzed about life right now. 馃榾 My friend recently gave me this amazing romper as a birthday gift, and I thought I鈥檇 style it for winter, because I don鈥檛 want to wait for warmer weather to wear it! It鈥檚 also the perfect color and style for the winter months. Here鈥檚 how I styled this romper in winter, and how you can rock a similar look of your own.
romper in winter

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Fashion // How to style colored tights in winter

For years, one of my favorite styles has been colored tights. I used to wear really bright ones very oddly, before I knew how to style colored tights right to make them look effortless and chic. I remember wearing bright blue and purple tights with fleur de lis designs on them when I was in college and thinking I was the height of fashionable! I still have those tights, but I’ve learned better ways to rock them.

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How to wear // Fall & winter fashion trends!

Winter is coming…and with it comes a need to completely revamp a wardrobe. I personally love this time of year because I love the cold and being cozy with books and blankets and hot chocolate, but winter isn’t the easiest to dress for. Luckily, I’ve been loving this year’s fall & winter fashion trends, and now I’m looking forward to colder weather even more!

Major winter fashion trends for 2016 are right up my alley: Renaissance-inspired clothes is one, and embroidery is the other. Both are so my style鈥擨 love floral prints, girly silhouettes, and anything old fashioned or lacy. But another major winter fashion trend is menswear-inspired clothes for women, which is something that’s just a little bit out of my comfort zone. So what I decided to do was put together some fashion inspiration and shopping guides for this winter’s biggest trends, and see if it inspires me (and you) to branch out into sartorial fun this season!

Renaissance fashion

winter fashion trends
This is聽so聽my personality. I love girly dresses, bell sleeves, intricate patterns and textures, and looking like I’ve just stepped out of a Renaissance Faire. Here are some looks I’ve loved and some things I’d love to wear!

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Fashion // Wearing winter white in fall and winter

Hey all! Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes Christmas! I know that people get testy and stressed about Christmas, but personally, I absolutely love this time of year. I love the holiday spirit and the music, the emphasis on family and togetherness, and I love how happy I get! In other news, Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and I鈥檓 also focusing on that. Because I tend to dress seasonally (if you haven鈥檛 noticed by now!), most of what I wear will reflect the time of year, and for fall that鈥檚 definitely jewel tones like deep reds, oranges, greens, and yellows. This outfit, however, is one that I put together thinking about winter ahead.

winter white

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Fall Vibes ft. jewelry from Montana Silversmiths

Have you ever heard of Montana Silversmiths? They’re an online jewelry boutique selling handcrafted, sterling silver jewelry with Western and fantasy themes…Montana Silversmiths approached me to sample聽their jewelry and share my thoughts, so here they are!

I chose a two-tone horse pendant that I fell in love with when I saw it, and another two-tone piece, a silver and gold cuff bracelet with a swirly design.

montana silversmiths

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Fashion // How to wear floral print for fall, ft. floral jeans

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know how much I love floral print. I love it on bags, clothes, jackets, notebooks, socks, shoes, everything.聽So when I was looking through my closet for gems I could reuse and restyle, I came across these floral jeans I bought at Urban Outfitters a good five years ago.


They don’t fit me as well as they used to (thank you taco addiction), but I still love them. I love the black denim, the big splotches of flowers, and I especially love the colors: deep reds, mustards, and some touches of purple鈥攑erfect for this time of year. I decided to restyle these floral jeans and show you how to wear these for fall. Hope you like this look!

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Fashion // Olive green maxi shirt with golden accents

One thing I absolutely love this time of year is the fall clothing colors. I love putting together interesting color combinations that really reflect the vibrance of the colors I see dripping from the trees, and it’s always fun to match things in my closet and see what pops out at me. This year, my favorite fall clothing colors are greens, mustards, deep reds, and even purples.

fall clothing colors

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Affordable fall boots, a round up!

Fall boots! One of the best parts of the season is boots! But finding affordable fall boots seems like an endless, fruitless task. Luckily, I’m adept at finding deals, thrifting, hanting Polyvore, and couponing my way to affordable fall boots heaven.

affordable fall boots

Most of these are by Qupid via Amazon, and I have to admit, I never knew Qupid boots could be a.) so stylish and b.) so well made.

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