Staying Cool in Summer with Spindrift® Sparkling Water

Something you may not know about me: I have this thing about seltzer. There’s something so much more refreshing about sparkling water than non-sparkling water, and since I have the opposite of a sweet tooth (no soda for me!), seltzer is one of my favorite things—like, ever. 😉 It’s delicious and refreshing and I love those bubbles. Today I’m giving a new product a try: Spindrift® Sparkling Water.

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The Last Day of Winter with Jord Wood Watches // Review & Giveaway!

Finally, after a long and weird winter, it’s spring. Even though it doesn’t quite feel like it. I have always loved winter; the beautiful snow and the cold temperatures always felt enchanting to me, and I love that during winter I can stay home more and be a dork, doing the things I love like reading and eating. 🙂 But this year, I’ve had enough of winter and am eagerly awaiting the freshness of spring. Today I’m celebrating the last days of winter with a review of Jord Wood Watches.

jord wood watch review-20

I’ve worked with Jord before, and this time I had the opportunity to review a men’s watch! I really loved the quality of the watch I received, and it seemed wintry to me, in a very good way: the dark sandalwood and the burgundy face really call to mind winter. So here are some wintry shots of this beautiful watch!Read More »

Snapshots // a 1920s birthday party

It’s been an awesome winter already. I tend to burrow into my own warm, cozy hole this time of year, but this year, with a new job and a lot of weekend events, I’ve possibly been enjoying not being lazy even more!

I thought I’d share some snapshots today of my sister’s 30th birthday party, which was a Roaring Twenties theme! This is a pretty common theme, but it was still so much fun to put together the decorations, find dresses and jewelry, mix gin cocktails, and find some jazz music for our guests. We also set up a photobooth with props! Take a look at some snapshots below and let me know what you think!

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GIVEAWAY // Gift Card to Function of Beauty

Hello all! Today I have some exciting news: I’m hosting a Function of Beauty giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a gift card for their very own set of custom shampoo and conditioner by Function of Beauty, a service I’ve positively reviewed in the past and which I still use. The gift card is good for one set of 8 oz. bottles, formulated to your exact hair needs, featuring your own choice of scent and color, and bearing your name.

function of beauty-6

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Save your feet from pain with Sole Patches — a review

I’m a huge heel enthusiast, and I also happen to work in a big pedestrian city, New York itself. That means that either I change shoes twice daily, or I figure out a way to make my beloved heels not kill my feet by midday. There’s a new product called Sole Patches that aims to relieve foot pain from wearing uncomfortable shoes, and I was given the chance to review them! Here’s what I thought.

sole patches

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Snapshots // The first signs of fall

This year, the end of summer and beginning of fall have been perfect. I feel like I’m so immersed in fall activities and have been really active with my friends and family, planning seasonal events that always mark the changing of the seasons and the beginning of autumn. I’d thought I’d share some snapshots of my fall so far, and show you guys what I’ve been up to lately!

Cruisin’ around NYC

I went on a booze cruise around New York City for a friend’s birthday. I always love this route around the city and never get tired of these views!

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On being 25…

Today is my 25th birthday, a huge milestone for all of us, and milestones like these always make me very introspective and thoughtful and goals-y, so I thought I’d write a little bit today about how I feel to be a quarter of a century old!


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#Branding and advertising, an uberbuttons review

As a blogger, branding is one of the most important ways to establish yourself in this community. It’s why I recently changed all my social handles to some form of “themosthappy” instead of my name, and why I was very eager to try out a new company called uberbuttons. I decided to write an uberbuttons review for the bloggers out there, and even those with an Etsy shop, to take a look at what they can offer.

uberbuttons review

Uberbuttons is a company offering branded, customizable buttons and button accessories for businesses and bloggers. Their product list includes regular pin buttons, button keychains, fridge magnets, zipper pulls, mirrors, and more. For this uberbuttons review, I chose keychains and mirrors, and was very happy to see these accessories with my blog name and logo printed on it! It was so exciting.

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Snapshots // Sun & summer days

Hey all! I’ve been having a swell summer so far and I thought I’d share some snapshots of my extended vacation, and share some travel tips as well. My time off this year has been more of a stay-cation, because I can’t truly afford a trip anywhere. Instead, when my family and I took time off, we made day trips to places around Manhattan and Brooklyn, and it was a great opportunity for me to be a tourist in my own city. Here are a few photos of what I’ve been up to lately!


My sister and I went to Smorgasburg this past month, a food festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with dozens of local food places setting up booths. It’s an incredible place to try so many new kinds of food, and this particular festival was right near the water, with amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. I would absolutely recommend visiting Smorgasburg, although on the day I went, the heat of the day made it a little more difficult to eat my weight in food. I’d recommend going on a cooler day in September. Still—that view!

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Is Romwe legit? A review + shopping tips for similar sites

This year, the lid was kinda-sorta blown off a string of clothing websites based in China. Buzzfeed covered the story, and many familiar, cheap sites, Romwe among them, were mentioned. Is Romwe legit? Are any of them legit? Is it all just a scam?

I’ve shopped at some of these sites in the past, Romwe and Shein among them, and while I do think there is definitely a higher risk associated with shopping from these foreign, cheapish sites, I also think that getting a great deal shopping at these websites is absolutely possible.

Photo Jun 17, 11 02 33 PM

First off, here are the sites mentioned in the article I have personally bought clothing from (this post is sponsored in no way, even though I have worked with a couple of these brands in the past). I have shopped at: Romwe, Shein, Choies, and Sammy Dress. I have not bought clothing from Rosewe, Rosegal, Zaful, or TideBuy. Here are some tips!Read More »