Featured Photographer & Blogger // Marc of Marc Camp Photos

Hi all! I have an exciting feature today, the work of my incredibly talented brother-in-law Marc, who is a hobbyist photographer based in the Bronx. As long as I’ve known Marc, which is a long time considering he’s married to my sister, he’s always had an eye for photography, born of a natural talent and college instruction. Like so many of us, he is a photographer and blogger by night, cultivating his artistic talent and making his hobby a big part of his life. He’s also awesome: one of my favorite series of his is called “Rethinking the Bronx,” in which he showcases the streets of the Bronx and presents it in a different light, very different from the stereotypical image of the Bronx so many people have.

Like this image:


Take a look at his work below, and follow his blog, Instagram, and Twitter to see more of his amazing work.

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Featured Blogger // Lush


This month’s Featured Blogger is Hailee Sisco, who writes the blog Lush. This is her story:

When I was 10 I decided I wanted to be Kurt Cobain, so I began writing lyrics. Lyrics about boys and feelings and thoughts in my head that I didn’t even understand. I filled up my composition notebook with flowery words, words that I’ll never read again, because being the self loathing person I am, even at the age of 10, I decided it was all mediocre and threw the whole notebook into the recycling bin.IMG_1835

Fast forward nearly a decade later and I found myself in a place where every hobby or career path I once liked, had ended up in the recycling bin. So I went back to writing in my notebook and this beautiful blog came out of it.

Lush is everything I feel and think and do no matter how dark or how self indulgent at times. Lush is a long form story of a girl who has nothing figured out but is happy with figuring out the tiny things along the way. The tiny lessons that come in the form of people and places and things and situations; these are the things that make you who are you. And they make life worth living. They will leave you feeling as if you’ll never catch your breath again, but then you do and it’s all worth it. Every broken heart handed to you by every broken boy or girl all ends with a sigh of relief, once the grief passes that is. There are things I’ve written that at the time seemed like the end of my world but now, I almost smile remembering them. That may be a sign of maturation but the blog’s title is Lush for a reason.

I love to have fun, and a bottle or two of wine tends to be fun for me. I love cooking, last night my boyfriend and I made Cheesy Kale and Sausage Scallop Potatoes, it was amazing.  I paint and draw, I’ve dabbled in photography, knitting, screenwriting, even sketch comedy for a minute. My true passions are my friends, my amazing boyfriend, and my family. I’m not a professional, I’m just a girl who lives a very normal life and happens to think it’s worthy of writing about.

Highlights from Lush:

I Only Ever Feel Like Myself When I’m Fucked Up

Shower Scene

“What’s Wrong?” “Oh nothing, just your typical obsession with suicidal ideation.”

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Featured Blogger | Laura Kathryn Photography

FEATUREDI’m very excited to bring you this month’s featured blogger, photographer and blogger Laura Kate, of Laura Kathryn Photography. Laura and I connected a few months ago over shared life experiences, and she has constantly inspired me with her philosophy of life, her artistic outlook, and her beautiful art. She’s not only a talented photographer, but she is also a gifted writer—a true storyteller. This is her story:lkphotography (4)

Photo sessions are much more complicated than you may think. Before I started out on this story telling journey, I had the notion that photography wasn’t much more than reading up on your camera’s manual and watching a few tutorials. But it’s much more intricate than that. Photographers and subjects alike will agree that life’s most cherished moments are often completely unrehearsed. Yet we schedule an exact time to meet at a very specific location with our carefully planned wardrobe and practiced poses, intent on capturing contrived spontaneity in hopes it will appear effortless, relaxed, and natural within our 16×20 frame. The task at hand on either side of the camera is enormous.

So why do we do it?

There exists in all of us an innate sense of just how quickly things can change. Time flies — that’s not just an old adage. So we as photographers ask you to step aside from your inhibitions and insecurities, and we work to create tangible evidence of those moments you want to always remember. And at the end of the day, you find it was worth it. Those precious fleeting seconds have now been turned into something permanent that can be enjoyed again and again. Not just by you — but by your children’s children. Maybe even a stranger that finds a connection in the face in an old, crumbling photograph. They have a right to know you, even after you’re gone.

A photograph gives people a chance to hold onto a part of themselves or a loved one that may have been forgotten with the passage of years. It’s a testament to a life and proof to an existence. You’re not getting a picture taken of yourself just for Facebook. You’re telling the world, “I am here. And I matter. And so does my extraordinary life.”

And that’s what keeps me and thousands of other portrait photographers clicking away, whether they are amateur or pro. It’s what pushes us to take just one more shot, in hopes of securing that sweet, unguarded glance that tells your story more than a thousand words ever could.
lkphotography(1)lkphotography (2)
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Featured Blogger | Kez Blogs

FEATUREDI’m so excited to bring you this month’s feature, KezBlogs written by Keziah Lendor. Keziah is a fashion stylist, freelance writer, and model. She’s been featured on Vogue.com, British Vogue, and Lucky Mag. This is her story:

There is never a dull moment in my world but this in no way means my life is without the ‘crazies.’ Technically speaking I’ve been entwined officially with the world of fashion for about 3 years (since I graduated from University). Being a fashion stylist, writer and blogger is exciting but very challenging at the same time. It requires discipline, diligence and a lot of passion, but when you’re doing what you truly love, it will almost hardly ever feel like work. For me, it’s like working on this masterpiece that takes time and effort but makes it all worth the while in the end. I truly believe that when you love what you do there is a mysterious thrill and void within us that is filled that nothing and no human being can possibly fill. That’s why part of my life’s agenda is to get people to tap into that passion or dream they have and pursue it to the end.MIP_3897-Edit

I remember starting my blog Kezblogs at a time when I wasn’t sure if I should just yet. I didn’t feel like I was completely prepared to but I did anyway. Sometimes in life that’s what our dreams require from us, a leap of faith. You’re not always going to have the support of everyone you wish to have it from but that’s okay. In all of the lessons I’ve learnt in the past three years, one of the most important ones for me has been finding the strength to encourage myself. It’s easier said than done but with a strong faith in God I was able to do it. My blog is my muse. It’s where I share a lot of the things that excite me both in fashion and my life. It’s very therapeutic for me and it’s my safe place. I’ve also made the blog’s social media handles very dimensional. For instance, my Instagram shares lots of behind the scenes aspects of my work together with some everyday life highlights, my Twitter is the Kezblogs rant station, my Facebook is my blog post alert central and my Snapchat is the most personal of them all. That way you get to see a different side of me everywhere.

For the most part, I live my life in color. My blog and my work has grown very quickly within the past three years and I am definitely not about to complain anytime soon. I have set very big goals for myself and I don’t plan to reduce them for anyone. I dream big and work hard at it because I can and will see it all come to fruition and I implore everyone who is dreaming big to do the same too.


Highlights from KezBlogs:

Spring Rebellion



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Featured Blogger | The Beauty Closet Blog

FEATUREDThis month’s featured blogger is Christina from The Beauty Closet Blog. This is her story:

Beauty, fashion trends, and writing have always been great passions of mine since I was a young girl. Now, as a busy mother and full-time Communications student my life is difinitely busy, but I would never have it any other way! When I do have time to spare it’s enjoyed by sharing awesome beauty tips, tricks, and reviews with others 🙂

I started noticing that there were SO many beauty products out there and a TON of advice—that it was just difficult to pick through it all and find what I was really looking for! That’s when I decided that it was time to start my own beauty blog—a place for any woman to come to find out about all the latest beauty advice, tricks, and honest product reviews.

One of the most important things I felt that I wanted to share was true honesty in my opinions so my readers get the best and accurate picture about a beauty product! The Beauty Closet has been an absolute joy for me to start and I am so happy that I made the decision to begin blogging. There will only be added excitement to come in the near future with even more honest beauty product reviews and advice, giveways, and networking!

logo (2)

Highlights from The Beauty Closet Blog:

Here’s the Lowdown on Facial Cleansers
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Moisturizers
How Eye Lash Primer Can be Your Next Secret

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Featured Blogger | Dress 2B You

FEATUREDThis month’s Featured Blogger is Ashley from Dress 2B You. This is her story:

Growing up I’ve always had a love for fashion and the arts.  I tend to think I got that talent and passion from my mother. With that being said, I also had a strong emphasis and push on choosing a career that was ‘successful’ in my parent’s eyes, steering me clear of my true desires. While I love my job, about a year ago I felt stuck, yearning for something more. I dug deep, but finally a spark became reignited, reminding myself of my creative side and the love I had for it. That is how Dress 2B You was born.

My blog is a creative outlet for me, somewhere to write about my love for fashion. I believe that fashion is a way of expressing yourself, showing off who you truly are deep inside. I try to inspire and encourage my readers to be the best version of themselves and to feel comfortable in their own skin. While fashion is a main focus, I also love to show my creativity in other ways including beauty, food, fitness, and travel. The blogging community has been so supportive and kind. It truly is a blessing to be able to work with the amazingly creative and dedicated women out there.

most happy featured blogger 4

Highlights from Dress 2B You:

The NYFW Experience


Solo Gel X One Step


Check out Ashley’s creative and amazing blog here and make sure to check out her Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin’.

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Featured Blogger | The Duck and the Owl

FEATUREDI’m really excited to present this month’s feature. “The Duck and the Owl” is the prime example of a blog I love to read: it’s inspirational, poetic, whimsical, inclusive, beautiful, and it’s run by two best friends. This is their story:


Our story: 
We met five years ago when we both worked at a summer camp together and quickly became fast friends and eventually best friends. We bonded over our love for books, movies and art. We lived in different states for a while, then lived a few minutes from each other and then we decided to move in together in an apartment in Milwaukee! It’s absolutely wonderful. We spend most of our days writing, making art, and attempting to keep plants alive for more than a day. We love long walks and good food. As far as our professional lives go, Kaitlyn is a high school English teacher and Sarah is a communications director. We’re currently roommates living in Milwaukee and we can’t get enough of how beautiful the city is. In our free time we like to go on walks to take photos and get coffee, we love trying new food and there’s nothing better than a creative art night. But most importantly, we love other people and the stories that they tell, which is where our blog comes in. We both have an unhealthy obsession with reading and buying books. And by unhealthy we mean that it’s absolutely amazing. At any given time, we’re both probably reading three books and obsessing about their cover designs. But most importantly, be both share the mentality that every human being holds a unique and impeccable beauty and that beauty needs to be celebrated and shared with the rest of the world. We love people and being inspired by them and what they create.
Our Blog: 
We started our blog a little over two years ago as a way to not only keep in touch as we lived so far away, but as a place to inspire our writing. It soon turned into a space where we wanted to not write for ourselves, but to write for and about all thepeople that inspire us in the world. We constantly see inspirational creatives all around us and we love to celebrate that creativity. We hope that our blog is a positive creative space to inspire others.
We decided to call our blog The Duck and the Owl as representation of our favorite animals. Kaitlyn is the duck and Sarah is the owl. They’re not only our favorite animals, but we also feel like they’re our spirit animals, I know, super corny, but it’s true. Kaitlyn is a little clumsy and crazy in an endearing way and Sarah is thoughtful and perceptive of those around her.

Highlights from The Duck and the Owl:

The first time I stumbled upon The Duck and the Owl, I was hooked. Not only is the writing beautiful, but the message and “mission statement” of Kaitlyn and Sarah is to tell human stories and connect us all. Kaitlyn is right when she says that everyone has a story to tell. We’re all of us beautiful and unique in our own ways, and highlighting those differences and our unique beauty is very important. Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite blog posts:

I’m happiest when I’m creating.

The best way I know how to create is by wielding a pen and inking up a piece of paper. For me, writing is cathartic. But, I often found when I wrote I would do it sporadically and always tell myself, “I wish I wrote more.”

So I decided to.

On January 1, I challenged myself to write every single day. I’ve always admired people who had the discipline of doing something daily. Even more I admire authors who spend hours a day penning their novels. I wanted that discipline.

Kaitlyn and Sarah’s blog is what you need when you’re having a bad day. It’s what you need when you’re having a great day. It’s sort of like reading the advice your best friend would give you, or what your own diary reads like. It’s personal and universal.

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