fashion: you're makin' me blush

Photo Dec 20, 4 18 53 PM

Blush pink is one of my favorite colors, and I love the bat sleeves on this blouse. You might recognize these shoes from a post I did a while back–they’re actually solid tan boots covered in fabric! They were really fun to make.

Photo Dec 20, 4 19 44 PMPhoto Dec 20, 4 20 29 PMPhoto Dec 20, 4 19 48 PMPhoto Dec 20, 4 20 35 PM

shoes DIY (click here for the tutorial) pants Charade necklace Joyce Leslie top Charade

Merry Christmas everyone!


fashion: we grow up all at once


I love unusual color combinations. I wish the lighting on these pictures were better, but it was 7AM and still pretty dark out, and 20 degrees!



Photos courtesy of my long-suffering sister. Her house is very festive nowadays, hence the Happy Holidays pillow!

skirt from Urban Outfitters tights Betsey Johnson blouse from Garbage necklace borrowed

fashion: sunshine in my sky

After a huge snowstorm here in New York, we’ve finally got some sunshine! Monday-One





I love the bow detail on the back of this blazer, and I’m obsessed with these shoes! I got them half off from a seller on Poshmark. It was really bright out today, so my apologies for the bright images!

pants Charade shoes Jeffrey Campbell Park Avenue heels 

top Forever 21 necklace Urban Outfitters


Outfit of the [Snow] Day

It’s snowing up a storm here in New York, and it’s beautiful. I hope it keeps up until Christmas–there’s nothing I love more than a white Christmas.

Snow Day 1 Snow Day 2

On Tuesday I enjoyed a snow day from work and spent the evening decorating the Christmas tree with my family, which is one of my favorite traditions and one of the best days in my Christmas season. Here’s what I wore out in the falling snow:

IMG_2082 IMG_2083IMG_2090IMG_2087IMG_2081

I really love this weird reindeer top I got from Camden Market in London. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s just a regular deer (sticking out his tongue no less), but I thought it matched well with the skirt and my Christmassy mood!

top Camden Market; skirt H&M; boots Forever 21; scarf gift


In other news, this week I’m reading Madame Bovary for the first time, and it’s awesome so far–Emma kind of reminds me of a non-ironic portrayal of Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey. Can’t wait to read it all and share my thoughts!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all those celebrating! Hope you’re celebrating the Christmas season with lots of books and creamy hot chocolate by the fire, or maybe a spiked spiced apple cider!

A Very Literary Christmas: A Gift Guide

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year! I get giddy this time of year and think of all the wonderful things I do with my family–the simple things, like making really decadent hot chocolate and watching Home Alone with my sisters, or decorating the Christmas tree for hours with my family while we all sing along to Christmas music and throw tinsel at each other. I start to look forward to the Christmas season around August, and I’m not ashamed. Likely you’ll see a lot of Christmas-themed Instagram photos on this page as I revel in the season’s joy and absurdity with the people I love.

But everyone knows the most stressful part of Christmas: buying gifts. Thankfully, my family and I keep it small and even though I have a big family, we do a Secret Santa so we don’t get out of hand. These are just some things I’ve stumbled upon on the Internet that I would love to have, and maybe you’ll get a few ideas for the lit lover in your own life!

On my own wish list:

the aptly-named (in my case, anyway), Writer’s Block Party Coat, from Modcloth

Writers-Block-Party-Coat-Modcloth Writers-Block-Party-Coat-Modcloth-Shoes


I love this jacket for the details: the bows, the collar, and the cinched-in waist. I also love that the model is wearing floral heels. Clearly, this jacket was made for me. And I can wear this jacket with these shoes!

Umbra Conceal Floating Book Shelf

Umbra-Floating-Bookshelf Umbra-Floating-Bookshelf-Example Umbra-Floating-Shelf-Preview

If you’re like me, you constantly run out of places to put all your books. I have six bookcases (some are piled on top of my wardrobe or stacked sloppily on top of my dresser/nightstand) and I’m looking into a seventh set of bookshelves but I’d love to incorporate a couple of these floating shelves–they just look so cool!


Anna Karenina-printed scarf


I’m usually not a fan of overtly-bookish things as they tend to be cheesy to me, but I really love this because it’s subtle and looks elegant without it screaming, I READ BOOKS, which I hate. This Etsy shop does all colors and all books, but I happen to love the Anna Karenina one.


Bathtub Book Caddy

This. So much this. I love to read in the bath but I’m terrified of dropping my book in the water and ruining it, and this would make my life a lot easier, considering the rim of the bath tends to get drenched too. As an added bonus, it has a section for your overflowing wine glass–a must.


But of course, the best things you can buy for a book lover are books. Next time you’re at a loss, just look up your friend’s Amazon wish list! I know I keep mine stocked with options 🙂

I rock a lot of polka dots: "New Girl" Shoes

Welcome to my third DIY shoe adventure. Back in April, I came across another pair of black heels in DSW that were too plain to be borne, but they had these gorgeous cut-outs and a ribbon tie. They were the cousins of the floral shoes I upcycled last year and I got so excited at the prospect of creating another beautiful pair of shoes! I knew that this time I should do something other than a floral pattern, even though it was hard to keep myself from reaching for another piece of floral fabric. I ended up choosing a black fabric with white polka dots, fabric that was actually a romper from Forever 21!

This project happened to coincide with my discovery of New Girl. I had never watched it faithfully before and I took the time to marathon-watch it, and it became one of my favorite shows! Now, whenever I wear those shoes I think of New Girl: they even remind me of Jess’s polka-dot heavy wardrobe and her whimsical wit.

Here’s the before and after:

New Girl Shoes IMG_1614See more!

As you can see, I couldn’t stop myself from adding little panels of floral fabric! I cut out a couple pieces of floral lace from an old skirt (again) and glued them to the inside panels of both shoes, so they’re almost hidden. I like how it turns these normal (ish) polka-dot patterned shoes into something a little more unique. I also used the buttons from the romper as accents on the sides of each shoe.

IMG_1629Picture: my two loves–books and style. I was reading The Lord of the Rings at the time!


Internships & Indie Books

Yesterday I began a new internship writing for Vibe Vixen, and it’s great to have a reason to put on real clothes in the morning: you know, like pants without dancing toasters on them. Actual clothes. Like these:


Wait, something is missing.


^^^That’s better. My train book: By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept. I’m thoroughly entranced by it so far.


Sorry I look like such a goober: posing for pictures makes me awkward and I’m smiling so cheesy because my father (who took the picture) had no idea how to use my camera and it made me laugh.

What I love most about fashion/style is picking together really old pieces from your wardrobe and finding new combinations. Everything about this outfit is old, old, old but I have never worn them like this. Those burgundy tights from American Apparel have become so worn out but I still wear them basically every other week, and the taupe boots from Forever 21 need some love from a cobbler (I also have them in black). But being broke and interning means I have to recycle my old clothes and my staples and find new ways to wear them. I’m up to the challenge 🙂

And since it was my first day and therefore short, I thought I’d take some time to visit a new indie bookstore. I love finding new places and after a little searching, I found one centrally located on 47th Street between 5th and Madison: The Center for Fiction.

Photo Dec 02, 3 02 13 PM

It’s an indie and a non-profit, and they have a modest collection of Rare Books, a whole back storeroom of Used Books, new titles at 50% off, and a few self-published zines, as well as the now-common collection of printed tees and totes.

Photo Dec 02, 3 09 22 PM

Photo Dec 02, 3 09 27 PMPhoto Dec 02, 3 10 21 PM

What I found lovely about this place was the architecture of the building itself. It’s attached to a little office building so you can see the old elevators from the inside, nothing about the decor is overwrought, and it feels more like an eccentric collector’s home than a bookstore, which I’m sure is constructed but it’s charming anyway!

Photo Dec 02, 3 11 06 PM

I loved the Rare Books shelves. I found a book I wanted but it was $75. I think I’ll stick to used, thanks. The Used Books section was my favorite, which was definitely a storeroom they didn’t bother decorating, which is awesome. Bonus: no music playing so you get that creepy-quiet atmosphere conducive to book-shopping (I think!)

Photo Dec 02, 3 04 59 PMPhoto Dec 02, 3 05 17 PM

All in all, I had a pretty good Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours.


My parents are Italian immigrants and I’m very close to my immediate and extended family. Every year we do Thanksgiving hard, with antipasti, then pasta, then turkey with two kinds of stuffing and like four sides, then fruit, dessert, and around midnight we bring out some hot snacks like baked clams and shrimp oreganata. Our whole event lasts around twelve hours and we take naps to stay energized. It’s pretty awesome!

IMG_0779 IMG_0780Sangria features prominently, as do roasted peppers and soppressata.

IMG_0877 IMG_0880I love this holiday.

Here’s what I’m wearing today:

IMG_2033I look a bit Christmassy this year but I don’t mind beginning the season early!

I also styled my sister:IMG_2029 IMG_2032She was having a little too much fun!

IMG_2036Happy Thanksgiving!