How to Style Your Hair This Holiday Season

We are smack dab in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year, which means the stockings are hung and the lights are strung, eggnog and hot chocolate are our go-to drinks, and—last but certainly not least—our social calendars are overflowing with festive get-togethers and swanky celebrations. While you might already have your outfits all planned out, coming up with a party-ready hairstyle that’s equal parts elegant and effortless can often be a bit trickier. Whether you’re headed to an ugly sweater soiree or a black tie bash, we’ve got you covered with chic (and easy) holiday hair inspiration.

Retro Half Updo

half-up_gettyTake a page from the ’60s with a hairstyle that emulates the decade’s chic and sultry vibes. With loose curls and plenty of volume, this particular ‘do is ideal for a laidback celebration, elegant evening out, or anything in between. Even better, this half updo is a cinch to create—as Allure writes, the hardest part about this style will be crafting that bump of volume along the crown. A few rugged pushes with a teasing comb (don’t be overly delicate) right at the crown should do the trick. Then, smooth the rest of your hair up and over before gathering the top layer into a small cluster and securing. Add in soft curls with a large barrel curling iron where needed.
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HA7X Serum Review // A godsend for people with dry skin

If you have dry or combination skin and are looking for a better solution than slathering your face in heavy moisturizer all the time, then check out this product, the HA7X Serum, something that I’ve tried recently and can honestly say I love. I have extremely sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin that is very difficult to manage. I get flaky spots and oily patches, have trouble managing oil production, yet I break out instantly if my face is anything other than bathed in hydration. Needless to say, balancing my skin’s needs is a challenge. But the HA7X has truly helped.

ha7x serum

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Beauty Review // Prime Objective Perfecting primer

Hey all! I’m back today with a review of a face primer, the Studio Gear Cosmetics Prime Objective silicone primer. My primer needs are pretty specific: oil absorbing and color correcting, and I’ve never used a silicone-heavy primer before, so I didn’t know what to expect initially when giving this primer a try. I’ve heard mixed things about makeup containing silicone, so I did my research! I’ve been using this primer for a few weeks now, so here’s my honest opinion of this Prime Objective Primer.

prime objective primer

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Beauty // Hask Chia Seed Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Here at The Most Happy, I’m constantly trying new shampoos and conditioners to achieve that effortless, I-never-want-to-actually-do-my-hair kind of look. I’m the laziest when it comes to styling, only bothering to curl my hair on special occasions, so I love finding washes that do all the work for me, keeping my hair healthy, moisturized, and volumized. That’s why I was excited to give the Hask Chia Seed Oil Volumizing shampoo & conditioner a try.hask chia seed

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Beauty Review // Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme

Hey all! Today’s post is a review of an interesting beauty product, the Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme for hair. If you have dry, damaged hair with lots of flyaways, frizz, breakage, or if you have dry scalp or irritation, you may want to try this product.

The Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme operates like an all-in-one hydrating solution for your hair, whether it’s wet or dry. And it has to do with snails because apparently, snail essence, i.e. a “highly concentrated blend of proteins,” is adept at fighting 10 signs of aging hair. Snail essence is the new hot thing in beauty, and comes from Korea, like most of our beauty trends nowadays do!

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Beauty // Hask Superfruit haircare review!

I have naturally wavy hair, and no time on my hands to style it. I’ve tried a lot of shampoos in the past that allow me to wash my hair and let it air dry and look good with zero effort, from DevaCurl to custom shampoo and everything in between. Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair shampoo and conditioner is now firmly on the list. I was asked to try Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner and share my thoughts. So here they are!

hask superfruit

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Comparing Kylie’s Kits, a Kylie Cosmetics review

By now, the world has been saturated by Kylie Cosmetics, especially her lip kits. So why another Kylie Cosmetics review? After all, I did one way back in March. Well, first of all, everyone is still hella interested in Kylie and her kits, and for another, whenever she comes out with a new shade, everyone seems to want to know how the previous ones stack up in comparison.

kylie cosmetics review

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Reviewing Valentia Natural Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Hi all! Today I’m reviewing a new moisturizer by Valentia Natural, the Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer. I have had skin issues and acne my whole life—chronic dry skin, a field of blackheads, oily skin, the works. Recently, a combination of cold cream, twice-daily moisturizing, and a couple of dermatologist-recommended products have made a huge difference, but because I’m perpetually on a budget, I hardly stray from drugstore moisturizers. Until Valentia Natural. Keep reading to hear more about their Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer.

valentia natural
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DIY coffee scrub, 3 different ways!

DIY-coffee-scrub All my life, I’ve had very dry skin, and to add to the frustration, I rarely remember to moisturize daily. Even when I do, it’s clear that just a daily moisturizer isn’t enough to deal with my chronic dry skin, so I’m always on the lookout for an all-in-one solution. Recently, my sister turned me onto a coffee body scrub, and I seriously have never been so impressed with a DIY, at-home solution for so many skin conditions. Here’s why.

Coffee body scrubs are so effective because they do so many things: the caffeine in the coffee grounds are supposed to minimize the appearance of cellulite, for starters. Cellulite is notoriously difficult to get rid of, and even though exercise is one of the most effective ways to break it down, caffeine also helps.

Secondly, coffee scrubs can be combined with other kitchen items to make one product that can do a lot of stuff in one step. Here, I’ve put together three different formulas to target what you may need in a body scrub, from cellulite reduction to exfoliation and more.

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Custom shampoo by Function of Beauty—a review

Beauty review today! I was recently asked to try out customized shampoo and conditioner by Function of Beauty. Here’s what I thought.

function of beauty

In case you’ve never heard of this new brand, basically, Function of Beauty is a service that gives customers fully customized shampoo and conditioner sets based on their exact hair needs. You can pick almost everything about your particular formula based on your hair’s texture, and even pick what color and scent you want it to be! If you’re interested, use this link to get $5 off your order! Read More »