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A little while ago, I started to make my own DIY coffee body scrub, with a simple combination of coffee grounds, brown sugar, and olive oil. Scrubbing my body with this simple mixture left me feeling smooth, soft, and as a bonus, managed to cut down on the cellulite around my thighs. I’m a huge fan of food as beauty products, so when I was asked to try out scrubs by Simply Scrub, I jumped at the chance.

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Simply Scrub are 100% organic body scrubs made with a variety of ingredients like coffee, shea butter, chocolate, roses, brown sugar, avocado oil, and plenty of other yummy, organic good stuff for your skin. They have several varieties:

  1. Rose Body Scrub, with rosebud petals, avocado oil, shea butter and more
  2. Coffee Body Scrub, with coffee beans, tea tree oil, Dead Sea Mineral Salt and more
  3. Soursop Body Scrub, with Soursop leaves, green tea, mint leaves, and more
  4. Chocolate Body Scrub, with cacao nibs, Jojoba oil, honeycomb, and more

Each is great for a specific function, but they all provide gentle exfoliation, reduce skin aging, improve circulation, moisturize skin, and prevent breakouts! And let me tell you, they all truly deliver.

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Of the four, my favorite two were the Coffee and the Chocolate. The Coffee Body Scrub has everything I need in a scrub: moisturizing and exfoliating properties, with tea tree oil to prevent irritation. And the Chocolate Body Scrub, while less exfoliating, really packs a punch with the moisture, and as an added bonus, makes every shower smell like chocolate, which is amaaaazing.

The Soursop was perhaps my least favorite, and the Rose a close third place. In the past I’ve made do with DIY coffee scrubs and have loved them, but I can see myself switching to buying Simply Scrub instead, as a way to improve my overall skincare regimen and support a brand I believe in. All their ingredients are organic, and you can see the care and attention they give to the product when you open them. I was very impressed and will continue to use it!

Check out Simply Scrub here!

Scrubs c/o Simply Scrub; all opinions are my own. signoff

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  • I would looove the chocolate. Yummm. It would be hard to simply use it on my body and not be tempted to taste it haha.

    • Haha I thought the same thing! I didn’t taste it but based on the ingredients it’s totally safe. 🙂