Beauty // The Groove: An In-Shower Head Massager from Vanity Planet

If there’s one thing everybody on earth universally loves, it’s a head massage. That’s often the best part of getting a haircut or blowout—that amazing shampoo and massage combo your hairdresser gives you that leaves your scalp tingling, and relaxes you into falling asleep at the sink. Recently, I tried a product called the Groove, a scalp massaging shampoo brush from Vanity Planet! Here’s what I thought.


The Groove combines an amazing head massage with some actual beauty benefits. It’s a battery-powered, vibrating brush with blunt, rubber bristles that help loosen dead skin cells and release oil buildup, and it also feels amazing on your head. The Groove is also safe for thick hair and people with braids, extensions, and weaves, as long as you don’t move it through your hair too much, like you would with a comb. I really enjoy this product, because it adds a little bit of extra luxury to my daily shower routine, and also helps me stretch my hair wash days to 1-2 times per week!

Also, and I don’t know if this is a stated benefit or not, but it’s also good for people with dry scalp or dandruff, because the vibrating bristles help release all that extra skin and flakes. Apparently, it also helps boost blood flow to your scalp, which makes hair healthier and grow faster. Pretty sweet.


The only thing I don’t really love about this product is that you have to be careful to prevent this nifty little thing from knotting your hair. You have to make sure not to move it through the scalp, but rather concentrate it in certain areas, then lift it and place it somewhere else on your head. Also, the vibrations can rattle your skull a bit after a while! That said, the massage truly is relaxing and such a treat in the shower!

I’ve been using this neat little Groove for the past 2-3 weeks now, and I will definitely continue to use this during my regular routine.

You can buy it here! Get 25% of hair products at this link using the code BBHair25.

The Groove c/o Vanity Planet via Brandbackersignoff

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