New Look // Vintage Dress from the 1950s (That Makes Me Happy)

Hi all! This year I got obsessed with one thing: finding perfect and beautiful vintage dresses, prompted by a pin I saw linking to Etsy. I got lost in the world of Etsy vintage listings, and wound up buying two amazing cotton dresses from the 1950s, one yellow and blue, and one off-white and light brown. This one is the latter.


Recently, I’ve been all about the full skirts and midi lengths. There’s something about them that’s so feminine and empowering. I love the swish of the fabric and sitting down and seeing the skirt billow around me! Plus, I love twirling. 😉 So fun! This dress is from an Etsy shop I found that has a ton of vintage dresses. This one was probably handmade, as it’s unlined and has no tags. I love that vintage clothing has history, and also it’s nice to buy secondhand sometimes.

Hope you like this look!

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I really recommend Etsy for vintage shopping, especially if you find a shop (like a lot that I’ve found) that list the measurements extremely carefully. It’s a definite must when you’re buying online, but doubly so for vintage dresses, because their sizes can differ so greatly from modern sizes. If you know your own measurements, it’s simple!

Also look for Etsy shops that make it clear when an item is stained, ripped, or flawed in any way. Most shops will take close-up shots of the imperfections, and will factor those into the price. I was lucky to find two mint condition dresses (probably deadstock) for under $80 each. I adore this dress, and will wear it all summer—because cotton keeps you cool!

I also like to wear unusual, handmade rings, like both of these are! Happy Friday, everyone. 🙂

Get the look // dress from Etsy (vintage), shoes from Seychelles, gold ring from flea market in Woodstock, NY, silver ring from Renaissance Faire, NY


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