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Hi all! I just got back from a four-day trip to Austin, Texas, and I thought I’d share some highlights and travel tips with you all (y’all?) here! It was my first time in Texas, and I’ve heard that Austin is a lot different from the rest of Texas—a little younger, a little more artsy, more like up north than down south. I really enjoyed my time and here’s what I’ve learned about what to do and how to get around, just in case you’re planning your own trip there soon!

There’s no Uber—they have “Fasten” and “Fare” for ride sharing

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Austinites voted out Uber and Lyft so a half a dozen other ride-sharing apps came in to the fill the vacuum. These are almost identical to Uber and Lyft in practice and on the app, so it wasn’t a big deal. We used Fasten more often, whose app is easier to navigate. Rides are fairly priced, but taking any cabs will add up fast, and Austin is a city where you’ll need to drive!

If you’re into a more laid-back vibe, stay away from 6th Street

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Our first night, we hopped around 6th Street—and when I say hopped, I mean we went in and out of bars lightning-fast. The bars on 6th Street are definite party bars: the music blares out from every place onto the street, the lights shine like Times Square, and it has a great vibe if you’re into that kind of thing. As for us, we were definitely into a more laid-back atmosphere, so we skipped all those bars and headed for a simpler place, with live music and food truck on the patio!

Rainey Street has the best bars and excellent late-night food trucks

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Rainey Street has the best bars if you’re into a more laid-back vibe. With a dozen places packed close and food trucks in between, it’s the best place for a few beers, some corn hole, and even specialty cocktails. We went to Half Step, with a huge “backyard” and picnic tables set out back, and had a great time. That place has specialty cocktails, and the bartenders are all dressed like they’re working in a speakeasy. Rainey Street bars are mostly converted private houses, so it has a cool vibe!

Food trucks > Restaurants

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During our three-day stay, we only ate in a restaurant once! For every other meal, which only ended up being breakfast and early-ish dinner, we ate from food trucks. Our favorite was Vera Cruz, which was featured on Food Network and named Top 5 Tacos in America. It totally lives up to its reputation. My favorite two tacos were the steak fajita and the Al Pastor—so delicious! My second favorite food truck was Torchy’s Tacos.

See the live music, and don’t be afraid to dance

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We went to a couple honky-tonk bars, Continental Club and White Horse, and the energy was amazing. Everyone knew how to dance so well, and we had planned to take a two-step lesson at the White Horse that we had to skip, unfortunately! If I go back to Austin, I would definitely do that. The live music was awesome, and getting to see local bands was so fun.

Hope this helps some of you trip-planners if Austin is on your list! I definitely want to go back.signoff

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  • Austin is very high on my list of places I want to visit. Thanks for the advice about Rainey Street! I’m definitely a more laid back type of visitor.