New Look // Vintage Shorts + Jewel Tones for Spring

Happy Fashion Friday, all! I hope that wherever you are, the sun is shining and it’s 75 degrees. We’ve had a beautiful week of spring in New York, and it’s totally given my whole mood a lift. I’ve been planning more outdoor activities, like outdoor/rooftop bars, wandering around Central Park, and simply eating my lunch outside. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as spring, especially in the city.

Here’s a new look today, an early spring look for when it’s still too chilly to ditch the tights. I wore this to a Passover seder last week, and also to work!

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This is definitely an outfit that can be changed up for a lot of occasions—I would even wear this to brunch or out to dinner. I especially love these shorts: not only do they look like a skirt (and have the added benefit of not flying up in wind), but they’re also great for fall and summer. I recently bought another pair from the same shop, but in a cool-tone beige for summer. Can’t wait to style those!

Hope you like this look!

Get the look // shorts from Simple Retro, top from Garage (old), shoes from Modcloth


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