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Hi all! I have an exciting feature today, the work of my incredibly talented brother-in-law Marc, who is a hobbyist photographer based in the Bronx. As long as I’ve known Marc, which is a long time considering he’s married to my sister, he’s always had an eye for photography, born of a natural talent and college instruction. Like so many of us, he is a photographer and blogger by night, cultivating his artistic talent and making his hobby a big part of his life. He’s also awesome: one of my favorite series of his is called “Rethinking the Bronx,” in which he showcases the streets of the Bronx and presents it in a different light, very different from the stereotypical image of the Bronx so many people have.

Like this image:


Take a look at his work below, and follow his blog, Instagram, and Twitter to see more of his amazing work.

Another thing I really like about Marc’s work is the photos he captures of concerts, plays, and musicals. They’re lit beautifully and really do capture the energy, focus, and artistry of these performances:

IMG_1701 IMG_1370


But my favorites are the ones he takes at the places he loves the most, like Glen Brook up in the Catskills. These pictures just perfectly capture how beautiful it is out there, and the majesty of the mountains:

IMG_0026 IMG_0638

Here are a few others I really love!

Renaissance Faire


More of ‘Rethinking the Bronx’

IMG_2046 IMG_3266

And my favorite of all:


Follow him on his blog, Instagram, and Twitter to see more:

The symbol of our great country #America #usa #4thofjuly #eagle #bronxzoo

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