New Look // Deconstructed striped top + mod heels

Hi all! Spring is on the horizon, I very much hope. Today I’m sharing an outfit featuring one of my favorite trends: the “deconstructed” or redesigned button-down trend! I got this amazing top, with stripes, balloon sleeves, and a bow at the waist, and I was obsessed with it. It’s such a fun, unique spin on a regular ol’ white shirt, and it’s also perfect for work. I always think about clothes now in terms of whether or not it’s work-appropriate, and half the fun I have with fashion these days is finding ways to put together cute outfits that show off my personality, all the while being cognizant of work-appropriate attire! I think this definitely fits the bill.

decontructed button down men's shirt trend

decontructed button down men's shirt trend-6 decontructed button down men's shirt trend-7 decontructed button down men's shirt trend-2 decontructed button down men's shirt trend-5 decontructed button down men's shirt trend-3 decontructed button down men's shirt trend-4I actually wore this outfit when I did some traveling for work in February, and got a lot of compliments! These heels are perfect—from Modcloth, they’re the ones I leave in the office to change into when I don’t feel like walking to work in heels. They go with everything and have so much personality! Having a great, workhorse pair of black heels is a definite must.

Hope you liked this look! I am SO ready for April—for sundresses, skirts, and no stockings! Even I get tired of stockings sometimes…;)

Get the look // top and pants from Shein, heels from Modcloth


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  • Love this look (especially your lipstick!)! Puffy sleeves are so trendy right now – Zara’s versions are a bit too much for me, your choice is so much better for everyday!

    Arielle from Casual ‘n Couture

    • Thanks Arielle! I think so too. Sometimes Zara can be a little over the top!

  • This is a fun look! I really like that top.

  • Susan Renner-Eggleston

    I love the way that this look is suitable for work yet is still totally unique. The bow is very cute too!

  • Janine Good

    Great outfit! The stripes really do look great on you!

  • The top is great! I also LOVE your shoes. I notice this style is getting really popular, it looks great on you.

  • Aireona93

    That top is really different! I haven’t see anything like it before. I don’t think it would work well with my body type, but it looks great on you. 😀

  • I love that top! I like that is fitted but not so tight that it looks like you’re wearing your little sisters shirt:) Your lipstick shade is insane too

  • Krysti Jaims

    Wow I love love love this look! Those heels especially are killer!

  • You are undeniably pretty with your outfit. Black is beauty and it is suitable in any formal events. I also love to wear black most specially if the weather is cold. Would love to see your outfit for the summer too. 🙂

  • YES I love this top and gingham is SO IN this season! You styled it perfectly, love those shoes!

  • I’m not sure why you referred to this as “deconstructed” but I think it’s an interesting top – with the balloon sleeves and all. I’m thinking the bow can be tied in front or at the back? That would surely make it more versatile 🙂