My long history with glasses, featuring + a review

Let me tell you about my long history with glasses. When I was in first grade, it was discovered that I needed glasses. I was so excited, and my parents and I chose a pair of wide-frame glasses that had red confetti print on the frames. I thought I was such a grown-up. When I first wore them to school, every kid in my grade whipped their heads around, noticing that I had gotten glasses. Everyone asked me about them, expressing shock that I needed to wear them all the time. Suddenly, I wasn’t so happy about them anymore.


I wore those confetti frames for years, eventually trading up to a rectangular, navy-blue set I hated even more. Finally, in 8th grade, I’d had enough, and begged my mother to let me get contacts. I took to them like a fish to water, never having any trouble with dryness or putting them in/taking them out. I wore them so often that I never, ever wore my glasses anymore, not even at night before bed. I threw out all my glasses eventually, and lived in a lens-less world for years—up until a few years ago, when I realized that I should probably get a back-up pair just in case my reliable contacts suddenly became unreliable.

Even then, the glasses I got were never worn for more than a few minutes a day. They live on my bedside table when I sleep, and I put them on to walk to the bathroom in the morning, where I put on my contacts first thing. So when asked me to review a pair of their own glasses, outfitted with my prescription, I was like, “Meh. I really don’t need another pair of glasses I hardly wear.” I decided to give it a go, opting for a set that looked more trendy and out of my comfort zone than the standard ones I currently own. And even more shocking, I decided to actually wear them regularly. (Not every day. But more often!)

These are the pair I got:

embroidered jeans-12 IMG_3017

So, I put them on, look in the mirror, and lo, what should I find but that I really, really like the way I look in them! They’re a sort of brushed, soft gold with a matte finish that doesn’t weigh down my whole face with dark frames. Rather, they light up my face, and because the frames are so skinny, you can actually see my face. Plus, they’re kind of trendy, meaning that I won’t feel dowdy and gross when I wear them (no offense to glasses-wearers: I just always felt like that as a glasses-wearing kid, so it’s difficult to disassociate those feelings with glasses!).

So I wore them for a whole day, to get acclimated. I was very, very happy because I got compliments everywhere! My family liked them, my friends liked them, my co-workers liked them. And even though what others say about you doesn’t always matter, knowing that they like the way I looked in these frames gave me a boost of confidence. I wore them all day, even though seeing through glasses is so different from contacts.

These particular frames are the THACKERAY frames (like the author, which maaaaay have influenced my buying decision!) in gold. Ordering is pretty simple: choose the frames, and then choose the lenses. If you know your prescription, you can fill it in or have it filled later. Alternately, you can have your eye doctor send your prescription to the site. saves your prescription so you don’t need to remember it if you choose to buy another pair.

Some things about
  • They carry brands such as Oakley, Tom Ford, Adidas, Chloe, and others, as well as their in-house brands
  • They can save you up to 70% off traditional retail
  • They have a virtual mirror service that lets you upload an image of yourself to “try on” the glasses (Kind of iffy: the frames on my “virtual mirror” face seemed much, much smaller than the real thing.)
  • If you sign up to their newsletter, you get 50% off your first order!
  • Prices are standard, with frames middling in the $80-90 range. The name brands are ~$50 more.

So that’s all! I really like the way I look and it’s such fun to have glasses that I don’t hate, as an option for when I want to change up my look. Many thanks to!

Glasses c/o


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  • Lee

    oh my goodness, I love those glasses! I wish I could order glasses online but my prescription is too strong 🙁

    Lee –

    • Thanks Lee! I also have pretty poor eyesight!

  • Olympia Whitestone

    You look fantastic in glasses. I’m too squeamish to try contacts so have to live with my glasses on all the time.