Beauty // HASK Greek Yogurt Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Happy Monday! Today I have another beauty review for you, of the Greek Yogurt with Fig & Honey Hydrating Collection shampoo & conditioner by Hask! As you may know, I have tried many shampoos and conditioners by Hask in the past, like their Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection as well as their Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Conditioner. I really like the Superfruit Collection, and the Volumizing one a little less, but today’s topic is their new range with Greek yogurt, fig, and honey, which is supposed to be intensely hydrating. So let’s see how it stacked up!

hask review

First of all, “hydrating” is definitely something I always go for in a shampoo and conditioner, because my hair is wavy/curly, and the more drenched in moisture it is, the more it curls! I’m a big fan of DevaCurl and custom shampoo for those reasons, but I also tend to alternate shampoos every few washes to avoid build-up.

This product, the Hask Greek Yogurt Collection, actually has real Greek yogurt in the formula. But the coolest thing about this product is actually the bottle: it has a dual-chamber bottle that dispenses two different formulas at the same time: the first is the inner chamber that dispenses Greek yogurt, and the second is the fruit-packed shampoo part. It’s pretty awesome seeing the product dispense and the Greek yogurt mix with the transparent shampoo! The conditioner also has a similar dispensing mechanism!

Personally, even though the dispensing technique is cool to see, I’m not convinced it isn’t just spectacle—like why couldn’t the two parts of the formula simply be mixed within the bottle? But regardless of the fancy packaging, I really liked this shampoo. After the first use I noticed more of a wave in my hair and that it was less heavy, which may have been just because it removed buildup from the shampoo I’d been using previously, but the softness and bounciness of my hair was undeniable!

Clearly, there are some amazing ingredients in this formula and it definitely does what it says it will. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and my hair seems to like it! So do I! I use pure unfiltered honey as a face mask, so I know its benefits for hydration. This particular collection is sold exclusively at Walgreens, just so you know.

I also gave the Deep Conditioner a try, which was pretty standard-issue and didn’t do anything extraordinary. But if you’re looking for a good hydrating shampoo, I’d recommend this one! If only to see the swirly effect of the dual-chamber bottle. 🙂

Hask products c/o Hask via Brandbackersignoff

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