Derma E Charcoal Beauty Products: A New Year Detox for my skin!

Hey all! Today I have a beauty review for you, about a company I am thrilled to work with. A lot of you may know I’ve always struggled with acne and breakouts, and have tried dozens of beauty products in my quest for clear skin. Eventually, I did settle on a combination of OTC and dermatologist-prescribed products, and was hesitant to add anything else in that may upset that happy equilibrium. However, I recently was asked to give Derma E products a try, and I was SO SURPRISED by how much I loved them!


I received two products: the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask and the Purifying Daily Detox Scrub. I have long used charcoal mask products because I have really stubborn blackheads, and so this seemed right up my alley. I’m also a little picky when it comes to masks, because I find that even the most hyped products just don’t work for me (like the Glam Glow, for example).

The first product I used was the Daily Detox Scrub. It’s gray and has a gritty consistency because of the exfoliants in it, but it’s also silky at the same time. The first time I used it, I noticed right away that when I washed it off, it left a cooling sensation on my skin for fifteen minutes after, which felt amazing. My skin also felt so smooth, and not dry at all, which is a necessity for me because the second my skin is dry, it breaks out. I was seriously in awe at the cooling effect and the smoothness of my textured, blackhead-ridden skin.

Next, I tried the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask, and was skeptical because I’ve tried a lot of ineffective charcoal masks. My hopes weren’t up high, but once again I was proven wrong. The mask dries in five minutes and contains exfoliants as well that scrub your skin as you’re washing it off. And since it’s a five-minute mask, it’s become my go-to for quick skin fixes. And most important, it actually works. It smooths my skin and helps get rid of bumps, and doesn’t dry it out. I’m so, so happy with the way these products work, and I’m definitely going to pay actual money to replenish my stock in the future! It’s rare that I find a beauty product I can’t go without, so thank you to Derma E for making me a believer.


Some highlights about Derma E:
  • They believe in “ethical beauty”
  • Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • They do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten, soy or GMOs.

Want to try it out for yourself? Here’s the link to their website. Thanks for reading!

Products c/o Derma E via Brandbacker. signoff

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  • These sound wonderful! I have such a hard time finding something that will exfoliate and actually remove the dry skin on my face without drying the rest of it out more.