8 Steps to Enjoying the Ultimate Pamper Evening


It is important for us to indulge in a little me-time every now and again – or if you’re like me, to a luxurious evening of pampering. Why do anything in half measures, am I right? Here is my ultimate yet quick guide to the ultimate pamper evening. Enjoy!

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Step One: Prep

Anything worth doing is worth doing right, which is why even a pamper evening requires a little bit of prep. I recommend you start by putting clean sheets on your bed. Nothing feels better than slipping into clean sheets, especially when you yourself are squeaky clean. Ensuring you have clean pyjamas ready is also a good idea and will earn you even more pamper points.

Step Two: Atmosphere

When indulging in an evening entirely centred on relaxation and beauty, you have to create an ambience. If you’re the type of person that enjoys listening to music during your me-time, then make sure you’ve got your favourite tunes – yes, I am incredibly hip – on in the background. Candles also add to the atmosphere, so make sure you light your favourites.


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Step Three: Fun

Pamper evenings are just as much about fun as they are beauty and serenity, so make sure you make time to do something you love whether it be reading a book or playing games – even if it is while you’re waiting for your beauty mask to dry. Online and mobile casino mFortune are currently offering a free spins no deposit UK bonus, so you can try out their diverse slots throughout your pamper evening before deciding if they’re the right casino for you and making that financial commitment.

Step Four: Snacks

How could anything possibly be fun without snacks? This is why you should always make sure you have your faves close at hand – whether it’s a huge bar of chocolate or hummus and carrot sticks. One thing I do recommend is green or herbal tea, as they are renowned for detoxing and making you feel clean from the inside out. Yes, going for the healthy option will make you feel pretty great!

Step Five: Cleanse

If you are yet to take off your makeup, then now is the time. Micellar water is always a great option when it comes to cleansing as it easily removes all of your makeup without drying out your skin. Elemis and Liz Earle also have a fantastic range of different cleansers that work wonders, but I will always remember the convenience of basic makeup wipes so no shame if you just want to use those.


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Step Six: Bathe

Now, here comes what I’d consider the best part of any pamper evening: the bath. Bring your snacks, candles and music then start your bath running and add your favourite bubble bath, bath bomb, salts or anything else you currently have in your Bathtime Fun collection. Once you’re in thew water, wash, exfoliate, shampoo and condition, but besides all of that just let your drift away and relax.

Step Seven: Moisturise

Once you’re out of the bath and dry – that is unless you own one of those new-fangled lotion-gel combos that can be used in the shower – it’s time to truly hydrate your skin. Begin by gently rubbing your favourite night cream or moisturiser into your face in upward strokes, as doing this regularly will apparently keep those crows feet away for longer. Then, slather yourself in body lotion and wait until it has all soaked in.

Step Eight: Nails

Whilst you’re waiting for your lotion of body butter to be absorbed, you can always give yourself a little home manicure. There’s no need for anything fancy but waking up to lovely nails is a rare treat when you have such a busy schedule.

There we have it – the ultimate pamper evening guide! Make sure you bookmark this post for future reference and let me know what you do on your pamper nights. What are your favourite parts and which products do you use? Can’t wait to hear from you!


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