New beginnings & my new year’s resolutions

Oh my! It’s been a crazy year already for me and it’s hardly been two weeks. I’ve been posting a little less than I have in the past because there have been some exciting new events in my life that have kept me busy in a very good way. I thought I’d reflect on them here, and think about my goals for the upcoming year.


If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you’ll know that last year was a tough one for me, as it seems to have been for everyone! I went from one lousy job to another, and all the while I was working other part-time jobs, dealing with a terrible commute, a terrible boss, and zero work/life balance. Over the holidays, I finally got a new job I was able to start this month, and have felt all my anxiety, stress, frustration, and unhappiness of last year slipping away.

Last year all I did was keep positive and keep working hard to change my life, and this year I’m celebrating new beginnings. But since I’ve never been much of a resolutions-maker, I thought I’d make some resolutions that aren’t really resolutions at all, but more general advice for myself!

Be healthy

This involves simple things, like eating better, getting decent sleep, being ready for each workday, and things like that. But it also means, to me, staying positive, making time for my family and friends, and making time to do things that make me happy.

Learn new things

This year, I want to learn how to cook, and learn how to dance. I’m already looking into a ballet class I can take once a week after work, so I’m pretty happy about that!


I’ve always made an effort to travel as much as I can, and I hope this year is no different. Top places on my list right now overseas are Iceland and Scandinavia, and domestically they’re Los Angeles, The Grand Canyon, Arizona, and the American South (as much as I can see of it!).

That’s all. I like keeping focus and having goals, and I already feel like 2017 is off to an amazing start. How are your new years so far?signoff

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  • Blessing Boamah

    My New Year is going pretty well, I’m looking forward to traveling more and cooking as well. I’ve been working towards eating healthy as well and looking at joining a gym. I’m glad you found a job that was more suitable for you.