Save your feet from pain with Sole Patches — a review

I’m a huge heel enthusiast, and I also happen to work in a big pedestrian city, New York itself. That means that either I change shoes twice daily, or I figure out a way to make my beloved heels not kill my feet by midday. There’s a new product called Sole Patches that aims to relieve foot pain from wearing uncomfortable shoes, and I was given the chance to review them! Here’s what I thought.

sole patches

Sole Patches are stickers that you can attach directly onto the ball or heel of your foot, or directly to your shoes if you have a pair that are permanently uncomfortable. They’re made with a high-tech urethane material called PORON® that absorbs shock as you walk—pretty cool. The Patches are also anti-microbial, anti-odor, and moisture-repelling.

So yeah, I tend to wear heels for about 10 hours a day, walking about a mile and a half to and from my train. But I also sit down at my desk for most of the day. To test out the product, I put the Sole Patches onto the balls of my feet since those tend to hurt the most! And I also wore brand new shoes, not broken in yet.

On the whole, Sole Patches worked just like they promised to: the material absorbed the shock and made it seem like I was walking on pads or cushions instead of a hard shoe. But the claim that these patches make walking in heels painless is a little optimistic, because there are other parts of heels that pinch and hurt!

For instance, I have heels with pointed toes, heels with tight straps, heels with narrow uppers. So the Sole Patches don’t make shoes entirely painless, but it’s certainly an improvement. Still, there are other products with similar padding tendencies that you can customize to suit your specific heels. But the design of these patches is such that you can probably cut them up a little to pad your shoes the way you want!

Overall, I’ll give this product a 4/5! Get them at the Sole Patches website!

Sole Patches c/o the company via Brandbacker.



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