Beauty Review // Prime Objective Perfecting primer

Hey all! I’m back today with a review of a face primer, the Studio Gear Cosmetics Prime Objective silicone primer. My primer needs are pretty specific: oil absorbing and color correcting, and I’ve never used a silicone-heavy primer before, so I didn’t know what to expect initially when giving this primer a try. I’ve heard mixed things about makeup containing silicone, so I did my research! I’ve been using this primer for a few weeks now, so here’s my honest opinion of this Prime Objective Primer.

prime objective primer

The consistency of this primer is smooth and a little bit gummy, and it tends to stick to your fingers and make your face tacky, not a bad thing, but I was unused to the plasticky feeling of this primer. The primer applies smoothly and absorbs any oil or shine my skin has. It also has a blurring effect, minimizing the look of your pores (which is a huge plus for me considering I have oily skin and humongous pores). I was very satisfied for a couple weeks of using this product, until I decided to test it for all-day wear under my normal foundation.

I decided to apply the Prime Objective primer to only half of my face for a full day of wear, and see if it lived up to its promises. This primer is meant to:

  • “re-touch” or diminish the texture of your skin
  • blur imperfections
  • protect the skin against environmental stressors

It also contains a “sustained release” liposome system with retinol that helps cell turnover. I have a retinol intolerance so I didn’t love that it was included, but I saw no redness or irritation during my use of this product, so that’s a huge plus! However, when I conducted my test of the primer’s all-day wear, I noticed that the primed side of my face, after a whole day at work (and about 10 hours’ wear) did not appear smoother, less oily, or in any way superior to the side of my face that had no primer at all.


I still got midday shine, I still saw my pores through my makeup, and I generally did not notice any difference between the two sides of my face! That said, I do like the primer as a way to soak up initial oil on my face, and will probably use the bottle up, but this isn’t the wonderful product I was expecting. I’ve tried better primers out there!

As for the silicones, there are multiple viewpoints as to how good/bad they are for your skin. Some say that silicones are “occlusive,” or comodogenic, meaning they cause acne by smothering the skin. Others say that the molecules in silicone are too large to be absorbed through pores, making silicone an effective barrier between makeup and the skin, and still enables the skin to breathe. There are differing opinions on silicones, but a good rule of thumb is to test and see what works for you. I didn’t break out from silicone usage, but another person might!

The Prime Objective primer is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and contains retinol. If you’re interested, use the code “BB” to get 10% off your order at the Studio Gear Cosmetics site!

Score: 3/5

Prime Objective face primer c/o Studio Gear Cosmetics via Brandbacker


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