Holiday Gift Guide: for the bookish fashionista

Here on my blog, I get to combine some of the things I love the most, like books and fashion and travel. I like to emphasize one’s ability to enrich their life through art, travel, and self-expression, and I also like to rate and review the things I’ve loved and hated. So here’s my Holiday Gift Guide for girls like me: those who love a good book, an amazing pair of shoes, a new destination, and an optimistic attitude. 😉

Most of these things on my list are things I’ve bought or been gifted, but some of them are on my real life wish list this season! I hope you find some inspiration for the special people in your life, or even some new things to put on your own wish list this year. The holidays aren’t about giving/getting presents, but there’s no harm in wishing for a few nice things in your life. So here’s my Holiday Gift Guide:

Untitled #26

Untitled #27

8. Olde Book Purse / 9. Handbag / 10. Tequila Mockingbird / 11. Scarf 12. Socks / 13. Dress /14. Pumps

I think you should have fun with fashion, and this holiday gift guide represents my style: a little whimsical, a little weird, and a little vintage. I tend to gravitate toward girly fashions and quirky details, and I personally own that scarf from Storiarts and the book purse, two things I wear often! Hope you found this holiday gift guide useful, and I’m wishing you all a very happy holiday season!


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