Fashion // How to style a romper in winter

Red is my favorite color, and December is my favorite month of the year. So I’m super jazzed about life right now. 😀 My friend recently gave me this amazing romper as a birthday gift, and I thought I’d style it for winter, because I don’t want to wait for warmer weather to wear it! It’s also the perfect color and style for the winter months. Here’s how I styled this romper in winter, and how you can rock a similar look of your own.
romper in winter

I’m all about contrasting textures, so for this outfit, to contrast the light fabric of the romper, I wore thick, textured, diamond-pattern tights. Mad love for tights of all kinds on this blog, but I especially love black tights with some kind of texture; it’s a subtle way to add some flair to a look. As for wearing a romper in winter, it’s easy if you pay attention to color. Obviously, darker tones are more suited for winter, and even though this romper is relatively light weight, the half sleeves make sure you’re a bit warmer.
romper in winter

romper in winter





I wore this romper for Thanksgiving, so I dressed up the look with these chunky black booties from Jeffrey Campbell. I added some statement jewelry—my new Kate Spade watch I got as a 25th birthday present from my family, and a two-tone cuff bracelet! I like this bracelet because it means I can wear both silver and gold jewelry at the same time without breaking any hard and fast fashion rules.

Tips for wearing a romper in winter:
Go for jewel tones/darker tones like navy, burgundy, emerald, or black.
Emphasize texture with knit tights, wool scarves, or even a fur
Wear boots/booties instead of flats

Personally, I love dressing super seasonally. In spring I’ll always wear pastels, in summer I’m all about the deep blues and greens, in fall I always wear oranges and greens and reds, and now that it’s winter/Christmastime, you’ll see a lot of red on this blog! I love having four seasons a year, and dressing according to the season makes me feel more energetic, creative, and happy! What do you love best about this season?


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  • Erin Stillion

    Those tights are fantastic. Great look.

  • Jan D’Sa

    I love your chunky boots – You carry off the look real well. I should wear red more often…..Jan D

  • Cricket Plunkett

    I love rompers! I feel like I can’t pull them off but maybe I’ll have to give them another try!

  • Ellie Augustin

    This is such a cute romper! Love how you paired it. You carry it well Rompers don’t look right on me lol.. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Internationalcaty

    This is such a cute romper. I would have never thought to wear one in winter

  • Dylan

    I am also jazzed about December! November was pretty blah for me so bring on the festivities! Love the outfit, and especially your hair.

  • Alyssa Ruane

    Very useful post. Not to mention you look gorgeous!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    I love your style! I have only been to your blog a couple times (just found you!) but you are so consistent in your brand. I love it!

  • I still haven’t gotten into the whole romper trend. I have several friends who wear them regularly and look adorable…I just think I haven’t found the right one to fit my body just right! Love the way this looks on you, though! 🙂

  • Leticia Carpenter

    Sweet memories! The last time I wore a romper was in my early 20s (showing my age here lol) and pre-baby. And I also wore them in the winter with a pair of tights! It’s beautiful on you! Rock it!

  • Wow you look so pretty. I love the romper. Very nice xx

  • Ahh! I LOVE the print on the romper! That’s my favourite colour!

  • Sassy

    that is one pretty romper, and you are one gorgeous lady! Love this!

  • sheree

    I love this! I wore something like to a friendsgiving recently. So adorable.

  • No wonder red is your favorite color, it looks amazing on you! This romper is super cute…great post 🙂 xo

  • Girl @

    I like the detail on the boots. And dressing seasonally is a great idea! Though, I live in Asia and it’s hot, humid and sometimes rainy in my country the whole year round, so there’s not much opportunity to dress to different seasons 😬

  • This is the cutest outfit ever! I’ve actually never even worn a romper, but it looks so good on you!

    Jasmine //

  • Aww this is such a pretty look, and love the romper,cute. You look gorgeou!

  • So gorgeous! I never would have thought to wear a romper in the winter but it looks so chic with tights!

    La Belle Sirene

  • Aireona93

    Very cute outfit! Tights seem to be the best method for wearing cute things during the winter, and you could totally get away with that outfit in my area. It isn’t too cold.

  • Those shoes are so cute and unique! Overall, it looks great together!