How to wear // Fall & winter fashion trends!

Winter is coming…and with it comes a need to completely revamp a wardrobe. I personally love this time of year because I love the cold and being cozy with books and blankets and hot chocolate, but winter isn’t the easiest to dress for. Luckily, I’ve been loving this year’s fall & winter fashion trends, and now I’m looking forward to colder weather even more!

Major winter fashion trends for 2016 are right up my alley: Renaissance-inspired clothes is one, and embroidery is the other. Both are so my style—I love floral prints, girly silhouettes, and anything old fashioned or lacy. But another major winter fashion trend is menswear-inspired clothes for women, which is something that’s just a little bit out of my comfort zone. So what I decided to do was put together some fashion inspiration and shopping guides for this winter’s biggest trends, and see if it inspires me (and you) to branch out into sartorial fun this season!

Renaissance fashion

winter fashion trends
This is so my personality. I love girly dresses, bell sleeves, intricate patterns and textures, and looking like I’ve just stepped out of a Renaissance Faire. Here are some looks I’ve loved and some things I’d love to wear!

I think the key to dressing Renaissance-y is to keep from overdoing it, so that you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing a costume or going to Coachella. I also think it’s fun to pair really girly styles with pieces and accessories that are more modern, to provide contrast.


winter fashion trendsI am LOVING the embroidery craze this season! LOVING IT! I’ve already bought myself an embroidered bomber jacket (stay tuned to see it styled) and my own DIY embroidered jeans, and I have at least five pairs of floral/embroidery shoes that I’m obsessed with.

Make embroidery the focal point of an outfit by making everything else super edgy. I love the floral bomber jacket because the cut is edgy and effortless, making the flowers look less girly. Love it!

Menswear-inspired fashion

winter fashion trends
Again, what I think is so interesting about this trend is when there’s contrast between ultra-feminine pieces and pieces that look like they were pulled straight from your boyfriend’s closet. I love the high-waisted slacks look with a very girly top and stiletto heels, or wearing a suit vest over a dress. I especially love brogues and Oxfords and any shoe that’s boxy or bulky. I’ll definitely be looking for ways to rock this trend in winter!

What are your favorite trends this season? Are you as excited for winter as I am? 😉

embroidery jeans source, menswear image sourcesignoff

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