Beauty Review // Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme

Hey all! Today’s post is a review of an interesting beauty product, the Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme for hair. If you have dry, damaged hair with lots of flyaways, frizz, breakage, or if you have dry scalp or irritation, you may want to try this product.

The Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme operates like an all-in-one hydrating solution for your hair, whether it’s wet or dry. And it has to do with snails because apparently, snail essence, i.e. a “highly concentrated blend of proteins,” is adept at fighting 10 signs of aging hair. Snail essence is the new hot thing in beauty, and comes from Korea, like most of our beauty trends nowadays do!

Snail essence is basically the slime of a snail. GROSS, but apparently this stuff works! How someone discovered the power of snail slime, I don’t want to know. But it contains a whopping number of ingredients known for enhancing skin and hair health, including elastin, proteins, anti-microbials, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid. Who knew??

The Kenra Platinum CC Creme for hair is supposed to:

  • boost shine
  • increase hair’s thickness
  • reduce breakage
  • tame frizz and flyaways
  • hydrate hair
  • improve elasticity
  • relieve scalp irritation
  • increase manageability
  • decrease coarseness/make hair softer
  • provide heat protection

That’s a huuuuge order. The Kenra Platinum CC Creme is also paraben- and sulfate-free and is good for all hair types. So how did it stack up?

I first used this product on dry hair, on a day when my hair was not freshly washed and therefore needed a bit of a boost. I applied a small, dime-sized amount through the ends of my hair, and immediately noticed a sheen and more curl definition. Now I keep this product on my counter so I can freshen up my hair every day.

Then I started using it in the shower post conditioner, as a sort of leave-in product. I didn’t work it through my scalp because I didn’t want it to get oily. However, the ends of my hair did look smoother, bouncier, shinier, and sleeker after a couple weeks! But since I don’t have frizzy, damaged hair (I stopped heat styling it for the most part), I wasn’t really able to test those claims. I’m going to start trying it from my roots to ends to see if my dry scalp problems reduce! I will update this post as necessary.

IN CONCLUSION, to quote all my middle school essays, I think this product is definitely worth a try! Especially if you’re a little older or you’re worried about damaged hair, heat-styling damage, color damage, or what-have-you, maybe snail essence (slime) is the way to go! With all those fab ingredients in there, it’s definitely worth a shot! I would give this product a 4/5. #SNAILEDIT!

Get the Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme at Ulta or at this link.

Product c/o Kenra Professional via Brandbacker.



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