Snapshots // The first signs of fall

This year, the end of summer and beginning of fall have been perfect. I feel like I’m so immersed in fall activities and have been really active with my friends and family, planning seasonal events that always mark the changing of the seasons and the beginning of autumn. I’d thought I’d share some snapshots of my fall so far, and show you guys what I’ve been up to lately!

Cruisin’ around NYC

I went on a booze cruise around New York City for a friend’s birthday. I always love this route around the city and never get tired of these views!


img_7408 img_7409

Renaissance Faire

Every year, my sister(s) and I visit the New York Renaissance Faire in upstate New York, and I look forward to it every year! It’s always filled with the funniest shows, interesting artisan crafts like glassblowing and handmade jewelry, activities like archery, and of course, dressing up is half the fun!

photo-oct-11-4-15-59-pmphoto-oct-11-4-16-33-pmimg_7699 img_7700 img_7853 img_7565

Apple + pumpkin picking

I went apple and pumpkin picking earlier in the season this year, and it was awesome. We went to Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard in North Salem, NY, a place I would very highly recommend for anyone in the area. They have a Fall Festival this time of year as well as an orchard and pumpkin patch, so you can enjoy live music, a farmer’s market, local craft beer, and a half a dozen other food stands in case you get sick of apples! I had really delicious tacos (of course).


Upstate New York

Every year my friends and I visit Glen Brook Farm upstate for their Oktoberfest weekend. It almost always coincides with my birthday, and I absolutely love traveling farther north and seeing the leaves change on the way up. Everything was just so beautiful up there this time of year, and it’s always the best way to usher in fall.

oktoberfest-2016-7 oktoberfest-2016-13 oktoberfest-2016-72 oktoberfest-2016-24 oktoberfest-2016-45 oktoberfest-2016-2

What have you guys been up to this season? What’s your favorite part about autumn?

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  • Your fall sounds wonderful so far! The Ren Faire looks like a great time! I’ve never been to one.

    • It’s awesome! It’s one of the highlights of my late summer 🙂