On being 25…

Today is my 25th birthday, a huge milestone for all of us, and milestones like these always make me very introspective and thoughtful and goals-y, so I thought I’d write a little bit today about how I feel to be a quarter of a century old!


For the past year in particular, I’ve been absolutely effing terrified of turning 25. This year’s been turbulent and difficult, and so for a lot of this year, I sort of felt like I was marking time, hoping for weeks to pass and for things to get easier. So that means I didn’t really appreciate my 24th year as much as I probably could. Also, when I was a young, idealistic teenager, I always thought I’d be somewhere else by 25—a published author, a wife, maybe living in England or India or somewhere. Even though those goals change so much and fluctuate with real life, I think everyone sort of gets these huge milestones stuck in their head as how their lives should have ended up—like you have to race to accomplish things like marriage or a family, or your life isn’t as good as others’.

I’ve done a lot of that kind of comparing the past few years, but I can also be very positive, goal-oriented, and forgiving toward myself for any slip-ups I’ve made, and I think I made a decent amount! My career isn’t perfect by any means, I live at home, and I am unnaturally addicted to buttery popcorn, tacos, and pasta. I’m kind of a mess. But isn’t everyone?

So instead of focusing on the negative, I want to highlight the things I’ve done in my life that I’m actually really proud of, the things that I can look back on and say, “I did all that before I even turned 25.”

Visited my favorite place in the world—twice

I always wanted to live in/visit London, and I’ve since been there twice! First in 2012 for a short study abroad program, and again this year for New Year’s Eve! I adore London and am a total Anglophile so I’m really happy that I jumped at every opportunity to spend time there. It means a lot to me that I fulfilled that dream.

Started and sustained a pretty successful blog I hope to keep growing

I never thought I would have the skills or discipline to sustain a blog, but this one’s been going pretty strong for almost three years! I’ve learned sooo many things through this blog, and what started as a glorified portfolio has turned into an enormous passion, even an obsession.

Got my writing work in front of other people’s eyes

Remember when I mentioned I wanted to be published by 25? Yeah, that was a smidge ambitious, and even though there are some who do accomplish something that huge, I’m just proud of being published on the blog of two of my amazing blogger friends, over at The Duck and the Owl. I write Fiction Fridays for them (and often miss deadlines) and hope to keep working toward my goal of being published in the next few years! You can read my work here.


Was published in Hello Giggles, Thought Catalog, and other publications online

I always loved Hello Giggles and Thought Catalog, so writing for them was something I was really proud of!

Learned new skills like pottery, photography, and art.

LOVE pottery, it’s so therapeutic, and photography is another huge hobby and passion of mine! I like that I have these artistic outlets to play around with, and turn to when life gets a little too much to handle.

Traveled, albeit modestly

I always jump at the chance to travel anywhere, even if they’re domestic trips! A couple of my favorite places in the States are New Orleans, Alaska, and San Francisco.

Did what I wanted to do and learned how to make myself happy

At 25, I’m pretty confident I know who I am, and what will ultimately make me happy in my life. I’m proud to say that even though my life can be a hot mess half of the time, I always try to pursue what I want, and I always make the time to nurture my happiness, whether it’s knowing when to indulge in a lazy day, when to work really hard toward goals, or most important—when to say no to things I know aren’t true to my personality. I think that’s a great skill to have for life!

So that’s it. My 25th year is here, and even though it’s hella scary, my life’s been pretty awesome so far. I feel like I still have a lot to look forward to.

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