Fashion ft. boohoo // Styling knee high socks for fall

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Every year, without fail, I get so sick of my summer clothes when fall comes around, but it’s difficult to know what to wear during these inbetween times, when it’s still warm during the day. That’s why I really like styling knee high socks for fall; they’re the perfect accessory to make a summer dress appropriate for the autumn. This transition outfit features my current favorite fall color: sage green.

styling knee high socks

I bought this dress from boohoo, a cold shoulder dress that’s great for both summer and fall. Styling knee high socks with this dress was a must, because I’m just starting to wish for stockings again, but it’s too warm yet! I wore this dress with one of my favorite boho necklaces and a pair of Oxford heels.

When I was growing up, I hated knee highs because I always associated them with school. I went to an all girls’ private high school, so styling knee high socks was anything but cool. It brought back uniform memories I’d rather have forgotten! But now I love styling knee high socks and owning this fun transition look!

styling knee high socks stlying knee high socks styling knee high socks styling knee high socks styling knee high socks

Tips for styling knee high socks:
  • Go for a neutral black or cream color if you’re still trying out this look—it’s easier to match colors when you have a neutral palette
  • If you go for color, opt for muted colors rather than bright ones. For fall, I love burgundy, mustard yellow, or forest greens!
  • If your knee high socks are patterned, your dress or outfit should be more low key. But if you’re wearing a solid color on top, you can experiment with patterns and textures with your knee highs!

Get the look // dress from, knee high socks thrifted, shoes from Modcloth

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  • Knee high socks always make me think of the movie Clueless!

  • heidi williams

    I love that look! I am with you, at the end of the summer I want to wear my boots. So I love knee high socks.

  • Love this dress!!!! I honestly thought you had in boots… very creative.

  • I love those knees its a great way to fake boots. I thought they were boots at first sight. That dress is perfect for fall!

    • Yes! I can never find over the knee boots that fit me, so I cheat with socks! 🙂

  • Leslie Guzmán Anderson

    I like that you used a dress from summer and transitioned it to fall.

  • Ivonne Jaketic-Tarantino

    Love the look ~ great transitional ensemble!

  • Katriza Luna

    great outfit with those adorable knee highs! Love the dress! Looks fabulous! <3

  • Sassy

    This outfit is too adorable! I would definitely wear this for fall! <3

  • Cricket Plunkett

    Wish I could pull off this look!

  • I love the dress and necklace.

    And I love your blog name. It was Anne Boleyn’s motto 😉

    • Yep 😉 Not a lot of people recognize that, now you’re in the know. 😀

  • The uniform association is so funny. I loved wearing them to school as a very young kid, but I swore i’d never wear khaki anything again after years of that uniform!

  • Renata

    I like the dress and necklace.

  • Katrina Honer

    You rocked these knee highs perfectly! I have always been afraid to try this trend but perhaps I just need the perfect dress

  • Those knee highs look great! Perfect for this time of year. I’m in PA and it’s going to be in the 80s this week even though it will be fall soon.

    • Thankfully, it’s pretty cool here! Low 70s during the day, 60s at night!

  • Julie Mason

    It really is a great and super cute look for you youngin’s. Great for my daughters, not so great for my nearly 50 year old self! Love it though.

  • Amy Shellman

    Great outfit. I adore the look.. i’m wondering if i can pull it off at nearly 40… hmmmmm. 😛

    • Only one way to find out! 😉 I’m sure it’ll look great on you.

  • Janine Good

    I love this outfit! I love the knee-highs with the cute booties!

  • Saccharine Soul

    I love over the knee socks – but I prefer over the knee boots

  • ohmummymia

    I love that dress!

  • Great style! Nice photos too!

  • That is the cutest outfit. Love the knee high socks too:)

  • Great idea to use knee-high socks with summer dresses! I never thought of that. My daughter is 14 and I think she would like this look. I love your shoes, by the way. Yesterday, I went shopping and I was trying to find something similar to the black ones you have in this photo.

  • KRPS

    I love this look, the knee high socks are such a cute addition to almost any outfit, super adorable

  • Lay

    Love your necklace! I’ve never been into knee highs but you’ve convinced me to give them a try 🙂

  • Sondra Barker

    I love the dress and adding the knee high socks just made it that much better!

  • Oooh I am loving the green with the knee high! Such a fun back to school look.


    michenn Accessorizing with ThePeachBox

  • lexhan

    lovely outfit , in as much as i like this , i wish i can have them,,,, hahahaha, also i love your blog write-ups too.

  • Samantha Broyles

    Love them! it is funny how these are coming back in style

  • Tara Jones Wohlford

    I love this looks. Simple and beautiful!

  • Ashley Voicu

    I would not want to wear high sock like that either as an outfit. It reminds me of young teenage girls and school too.

  • Danielle A Wilson

    very cute!

  • Abbey Hall (Mind, Body, Babies

    So cute, I love this look. I never would have considered wearing knee socks with a dress, but it really works.