Comparing Kylie’s Kits, a Kylie Cosmetics review

By now, the world has been saturated by Kylie Cosmetics, especially her lip kits. So why another Kylie Cosmetics review? After all, I did one way back in March. Well, first of all, everyone is still hella interested in Kylie and her kits, and for another, whenever she comes out with a new shade, everyone seems to want to know how the previous ones stack up in comparison.

kylie cosmetics review

For example, how close are Koko and Posie in color? Is Leo like Kourt K? Is Love Bite a brown or a purple? Kylie’s shades are pretty similar to each other but have different undertones or higher saturation. Plus, the formula/feel changes slightly depending on the pigment. So in this Kylie Cosmetics review, I’ve decided to review the pinks and reds, since I happen to have them all. Keep reading for thoughts on the formula, swatches of Koko K, Posie K, Kristen, Mary Jo K, and Leo, comparison photos, their longevity compared, and how to get your hands on your own, once and for all.

Comparison swatches

kylie cosmetics review

Natural light swatches

kylie cosmetics review

Koko K, Posie K, Kristen, Mary Jo K, Leo

Formula differences & longevity

The shades I have and use almost every day range from very light (Koko K) to very dark (Leo). The middling ones are Posie K, Mary Jo K, and Kristen. Even though the formula seems to be the same across the board, it’s the level of pigment added that changes the way the formula applies and feels.

Leo and Mary Jo K, in particular, are prone to streaking and becoming blotchy when you first put them on, while Koko K crumbles more easily than any other. The most comfortable and long-wearing colors are Posie K and Kristen; both of them don’t streak or splotch, don’t crumble, and last literally all day. I wore Posie K to work for months and hardly ever had to reapply during my sometimes-12-hour day! If you’re going for wearability, opt for a middling tone you can really get a lot of use from!

  • Very long lasting
  • Excellent formula
  • The liner is an exact match for the lipstick, so you get double the color. A lot of the time, I’ll just blot on a little bit of the liner for a stain look, rather than doing the whole lip with the lipstick.
  • The liner is also great for getting a perfect, precise line that’s so difficult with liquid lipsticks.
  • They’re difficult to get
  • They’re more expensive than their main competitors, Jeffree Star and Colourpop
How to get them
  • I always try to have the page up five minutes before launch. At the exact time, erase the word “password” from the URL in your browser and click enter!
  • Act fast—know what you’re getting, and try not to get too many. Max three if you can move fast.
  • Have your cc information copied already so you can command-v your way to Kylie heaven.
  • Don’t refresh the waiting page.
  • Enjoy 😉

I hope this post helped someone figure out which lip kit to get. Pin it for later or share it, if you liked it!

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