Fashion feat. Dezzal review // Hollywood

HAPPY FRIDAY! Honestly, I’ve been having a wonderful first week of vacation. This week was my parents’ vacation, so the entire family got together every day to go to the beach, visit Coney Island, have dinner, and watch movies together.

dezzal review

Today’s outfit is a combination of old and new, fast fashion and staple piece. I got this new top from Dezzal, and it’s perfect for work, brunch, and dressier occasions. Dezzal is a new site I hadn’t heard of before, and even though it’s pricier than I’m used to, I really appreciate the quality of the clothing and the emphasis on highlighting the work of different designers. It’s a nice departure from trendy, fast fashion sites.

This top is so my style: with cape sleeves and rhinestones along the neckline. I wore it with an old pair of shorts for a dressy daytime look. The designer of this shirt is a brand called Chicpicco, and on the site you can read a short story of the designer’s inspiration and history.

dezzal review dezzal review dezzal review dezzal review dezzal review

A top like this would fit perfectly into a capsule wardrobe because it’s a neutral yet accented, and because it’s versatile, you can wear it for a lot of different occasions and never get bored styling it. I would wear this top with a pencil skirt or black pants for work, or with a mini skirt or draped joggers for a classy daytime look. How would you wear a top like this?

Get the look // shorts from Forever 21 (old), top c/o Dezzal


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  • Mary&Mungo

    Beware Dezzal. If your item does not fit or you are unhappy with the quality, they DO NOT offer a refund – only store credit. Not happy with Dezzal at all.

    • That’s good to know, and very disappointing!

  • Mary&Mungo

    After sending them a stroppy email they have confirmed that they WILL now refund my money. So that’s good then. I will keep you posted as to how long it takes for a refund, bearing in mind I am from the UK and they are in China. I am not holding my breath! It is just a shame that I had to send a stroppy email to get a decent response, not good customer service.

    • Yes, keep me posted! Seems like a very poor customer service policy.

  • aammr

    I just had my first Dezzal experience. I spent roughly £200 on three items. They arrived in good time but in two separate packages, both of which were subject to customs charges totaling £32. A cardigan was as expected; nice quality and as it looked on the website. The other two items were shoddy and cheap looking. A dress that looked like something from a fairy tale on the website arrived scrunched up in its ziplock bag and smelling really damp and horrible. It also did not fit at all and was much shorter than it looked in the photo – unwearably short in my case. There was also an invoice included in the parcel that listed each item at roughly a third of the price I paid for them – prices in fact that were much more in keeping with the quality of the goods. So that made me feel completely ripped off all over again. I’ve ordered clothes from Asia before and been disappointed, but never ones in this price range. NEVER AGAIN.

    • That is so disappointing to hear! I thought Dezzal was okay. Did you end up returning the items? I’d like to know more about your experience so my readers know all the facts.